New Easy Invention Ideas for Kid Projects

What are some future invention ideas for school projects for kids? Kids engage with creativity and inventiveness, in unique ways.

Also, they do not entertain a fear of failure, hence are willing to keep trying and persisting; at play or at work. The inventor Dominic Wilcox worked with children across the South of the UK, aged 10 to 13 years.

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The project involved the children coming up with easy kid invention ideas for school that could be translated into real-life applications. The children came up with the following simple kid invention ideas for home and school projects:


1. Phone Friend

This good invention idea centered on enabling wheelchair-bound individuals, to easily reach the telephone on the telephone booth. The basic principle of operation is that as the wheelchair goes onto a platform, sensors are triggered which pass instructions to the telephone on the wall, to extend to the individual wanting to make a call.

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2. Tooth-o-Matic

The cool kid invention idea behind this apparatus is that users, especially people who are in a hurry and need to leave for work or school, can preload toothpaste into a hatch, at the bottom of the brush. Then the hatch is depressed, sending the toothpaste up a tube, to the brush.

3. Shady Lamp

This homemade kid invention project idea centers on replacing the dimmer switch with shades, to give it more functionality. It works using a dimmer lever, which when tugged downwards, pulls the shades across the lamp, the extent to which it does depend on the extent of the pull.

4. Pringles Hook

This new invention idea for kids centers on making the popular snack more accessible. It involves a new packaging that will see a metal hook inserted into the pack of Pringles. As the hook is engaged and raised, the consumer can easily get to the Pringles, without having to dip his/her hands into the pack.

5. Food Cooler

The food cooler is envisioned as a fork with a compartment housing a small battery powered fan, which cools the food as it is being consumed.

6. Family Scooter

The child inventor seeks to create fun ways for the family to do things together. This machine invention ideas for kids consists of any number of foot plates, attached with wheels that can be moved around with the members of the family pushing with their foot.

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7. Leaf Catcher

The aim of this device is to catch up the messy leaves that Mother Nature throws at us, in order to keep our environment clean. It comes as a set of catchers that are positioned at the base of the tree, in order to keep the leaves from hitting the ground.

8. Self Watering Plant Pot

This innovative inventive idea centers on making sure that plants are watered regularly and with the prescribed amounts of water. An electronic device is attached to the flower pot that is timed to water the plant at determined intervals. It is designed to forestall human error and forgetfulness.

9. Glasswards

This science invention idea for kids to make at home centers on being able to use goggles that bestow the ability to view people and things behind the individual.

10. Shout-Activated Camera

The child inventor foresees a future where voice commands will be used in making cameras take photographs. It must be noted that the inventions above are all experimental, as they have not been translated into real devices. However, the following products were thought of my children and have now found industrial application:

11. Richie Stachowski (Age 10) Water Talkie

In 1996, 11-year-old Richie Stachowski went on a trip to Hawaii with his family. Underwater, he saw a lot of fascinating sites but found out he could not interact with the next person under water. He then dreamed of having a walkie-talkie that could be used underwater. Research conducted by his father and himself showed that such a device did not exist. Richie, with help from his dad, began experimenting with acoustics and trying out prototypes in swimming pools.

He finally came up with the Water Talkie, shaped in a conical form with a blown drive and a plastic tube that gave swimmers the ability to talk underwater, for distances up to 15 feet between the communicators. The company Toys bought into Richie’s idea and an agreement was reached for the production of 50,000 units of the device.

12. George Nissen (Age 16) Trampoline

In 1930, a 16-year-old boy, George Nissen came up with a concept that altered the face of acrobatics: the trampoline. He received the inspiration for the Trampoline when he watched trapeze artists, who ended their performance, by jumping unto a safety net laid out below them.

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He envisioned that the fall could come to a gradual stop, by them bouncing up and down, making it more fun-filled ending. He later registered the name TRAMPOLINE, as a trademark, after years of persistently showcasing its use of this great kid invention idea that makes life easier.