Online Survey Jobs That Pay – Top 10 List

Best Online Survey Jobs That are Legit For Cash – Work From Home

Are there survey jobs to do online and get paid today? How well are you familiar with the concept“Online Survey Jobs”?

Are you searching for the best paying online survey job you can log into and work from home legitimately? If what you need regarding legit online jobs for cash is beyond these, then this article is exactly meant for you.

Do you know that there are thousands online survey sites that are legit you can become a member for free and earn good money? Of course, it is no magic but a reality. We are in the modern era of the internet where people are earning massive amounts of money with little or no investment through various online jobs for students and also making extra cash on part time basis right from their comfort zone.

To be discussed in this post are the various online paid survey sites that are trusted and reliable that you can partner with by giving out your candid opinion in completing their survey task.

In India, UAE, US, UK and even Nigeria, there are a number of free survey sites without investment and here are the available ones that you can trust and join the team of successful internet users, I mean those who earn legally online.

1. SurveyHead

This is a legitimate survey site you can earn an agape amount of money once you become their family. This survey job providing company has been in existence since 2007.

If you are lucky, you may get an online survey from this site immediately you register and qualify as a member and earn nothing less than $5. According to frequently asked questions [FAQ] on the site, you can also get an online survey question within your first four weeks of being a membership.

2. Toluna

This worldwide real online survey website has been in existence since 1999 and has over 6000000 members in its care. It is one of the leading head in online survey and also pays it members within six weeks of registration.

You can withdraw your money through various medium such as; PayPal, electronic voucher, bank wire transfer etc.

3. YourSay

This is an older legitimate paid survey site and it has been on existent since 1997. As a member, you will be able to receive email notifications, take up a survey and finish it up within 10 to 15 minutes, and by so doing, you earn something close to $10. You can withdraw your earning from anywhere or through PayPal.

4. SpiderMetrix

Are you keen on joining an online survey team, why can’t you join SpiderMetrix? This online survey has been providing an online paid survey job since 2000. As you become their member, your survey earning will be display on the spider point. Here, you have the advantage of asking anything such as gift, coupon, money and other kinds of compensations as your reward.

5. Permission Research

This online paid survey site has been providing it online survey since 2004 and it has over two million members patronizing it worldwide. Some company trust and rely on it online surveys by getting insights and tips of any trending stuff on the internet. Irrespective of your country, you can join this online survey as your part time job and make extra cash after work.

6. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy has been running online survey taker program since 1999. Here, you can earn more by inviting your contacts to join them. You have the privilege to cash out your money through PayPal, wire transfer or check in as much as your reward is more than 1USD.

7. GlobalTestMarket

This is another reputable and legitimate online survey. It started it online survey program in the year 1999 and accept its members only from 49 countries worldwide.

GlobalTestMarket is among the top paying online survey paid job and you can sign up with them this instant if you really want to earn online. You can have your reward through Amazon gift voucher or withdraw cash through the PayPal.

8. Valued Opinions Indian

This online survey site is basically meant for Indians who want to make it online. Members from other part of the world are welcome also. It came into the limelight in the year 2007 and its pay more than five million yearly to its members for completed survey jobs online even for teenagers.

9. The Panel Station

This is one of the highest paying online survey jobs that came into existence in the year 2008. This online survey site, unlike others has different options you can go for as it member. Available on the site is Amazon, flipkart, freecharge, block buster, charity, DVD, Zipcash and many more. The panel station is a top online paid survey site in India.

10. Harris Poll

Harris poll has been in existence for the past fifty years now. It is an easy online survey job site for getting paid daily, and your earning on this site can be used to buy things from, iTunes, Amazon, iCard and others.

This online survey, Harris poll, did not give room for member in some part of the world, among the countries are, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, United kingdom, United States and others, are all sanctioned and restricted from being the part of the family.

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