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Zacks Investment Research Inc: Investment Management Review, Reputation, Complaints, Head Quarters Address, Stock Screener, Kolkata

About Zacks investment research
Founded in 1978, here is a company that is known as being dedicated to providing professional investors with such vital things as the financial statements, data and analysis that are needed to make better speculative decisions for themselves (and of course, their clients). Zack is, we can say, probably known best for providing an extensive array of what is known as consensus earnings-per-share (EPS) estimates.

How good is Zacks investment research?
Nevertheless, apart from that, the investment company is also known for offering such vital things as research reports, stock prices, recommendation summaries, charts and tables, and a lot of other investment data and tools.

Review of zacks investment research
But how accurate is Zacks investment research? Zacks Investment Research is quite superb. It is said to be used by thousands of analysts. Not only known to be used by thousands of analysts, it is also well known to be used by over 200 brokerages to give clients reliable investment information. In fact, Zacks has also expanded its online presence. And again, it has begun offering more products designed for individual investors.

Zacks Investment Research is actually based in Chicago. Yeah, it is a Chicago based firm with over 30 years of experience in providing institutional (and even individual) investors equipped with skills in using analytical tools and financial data. And not just for fancy; but the analytical tools and financial information that are necessary to the success of their investors’ investment process. And in case you don’t know before, Zacks early contribution to investment analysis was known to be the discovery by Len Zacks.

Yeah, the discovery of Len Zacks that the most influencing factors affecting stock prices are the earnings per share estimate revisions.

Zack Indicator

And well, that discovery made by Len Zacks gave birth to what is known as Zacks Indicator. The Zacks Indicator is said to be the first to calculate consensus EPS surprises. Also, the Zacks Indicator is known to be the first to analyze price response to EPS surprises. And well, such placed Zacks among the top innovating pioneers in the investment industry.

Rapid Move

Zacks, in 1981, is said to begin processing, organizing, and evaluating research that are produced by US brokerage firms. And today, reports are there that Zacks receives daily electronic data feeds (and also printed Steve Austin Zacks Investment research reports) on over 8,500 North American publicly traded companies from over 185 brokerage firms (that are produced by more than 3,200 analysts). And all those amounted to over 500,000 pages of brokerage research.

And again, in addition, Zacks Investment Research records earnings estimate revisions said to be up to 25,000. They also changes in broker recommendations weekly. And we should know that this information is made available through institutional and non-institutional product lines and websites. Such lines and websites include MSN MoneyCentral,,, and even (including their own website)

Thus, from a superb foundation, Zacks is known to have developed a wide array of information products and tools tailored to serve both individual and institutional investors.

Individual Investors

Yeah, let us talk about Individual Investors.

Wall Street is known to continue using Zacks research today. T hose Zacks research which a large brand like Wall Street continues today include the Zacks Rank and Zacks Equity Research. And of course, they combine the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

On their website ( that same professional strength research is now available to individual investors (and through their other services). One can simply learn more about their service for individual investors on the ‘products’ tab on their site.

And, if you don’t know, Zacks also manages money on behalf of high net worth investors. This firm strives to help their clients to achieve their investment objectives.

Institutional Investors

Now, let us move over to this, as we talk about Institutional Investors.

Is zacks investment research any good? You see, for over 30 years, Zacks Institutional Services has provided for professional investors with a wide range of what is known as Quantitative and Fundamental tools that are designed to give them what we call ‘The Power to Outperform’ in an increasingly competitive marketplace we have today.

Their goal is to earn and keep their clients trust by never wavering from their own commitment to help their clients enhance their returns (as well as to help their clients to maximize their productivity).

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