Why You Don’t Need a Business Degree to Start a Business

Starting Your Own Business Without A Degree

Forget Your Degree, Start a Business

Do You Need a Degree to Start a Business? You may have been told that immediately you graduate from the university or college with good GPA, companies will be looking for you to work for them. But, did it happen as you were told? I bet no.

Are you a graduate with a degree and you are still unemployed looking for a job?

Are you so tied up to your certificate that you don’t have any option but to get a job? I have good news for you. Throw away your degree and go start a business. Is that good news? I know you will ask that.

There seems to be a growing number of university and college graduates with no jobs and plenty of student loan debt. The education system has failed them.

As far as you are reading this post, it shows that you are ready to start up something and not been held captive by your degree just because you are looking for a job. I will be sharing in this post why you should forget about your degree and start a business and what you need to start a business.

Why You Should Forget your Degree and Start a Small Business

1. Building Long Term Wealth

It is all over the net that nobody ever became wealthy working for someone but by building their own business. Starting up a business help you to build long term wealth, because having a business is going to be your best asset.

When you work for a job, you are working for salary and building someone else’s business, but, when you are working for your business you are building and eventually making profit that will help you build long term wealth.

The process is going to take a lot of time but it is worth it in the long term if you don’t give up.

2. Networking

With a degree mindset the only people you know are your former class mates and possible organizations that have vacancy for employment. Aside that, you don’t have any good contact and you are limited to places you can enter with your degree.

Starting a business help you connect with people that can eventually become you customers or people that can help you grow your business. You can gladly go to event center and build network of people who are top executives and also learn from them.

3. Be Your Own Boss

This is one big reason why you should forget your degree and start a business. Nobody get to tell you what to do when you start a business. You are the boss.

Most of us get angry when the boss tells us what to do when working in our job. From personal experience, I just hated the fact that I was not in control of my own working environment and my time.

You have to understand that in a business it is going to take time, energy and money to make it happen. But keep in mind that you will be investing all of that into your own business and not someone else’s.

4. Fill Your Life with Success and Happiness

If you take the time to choose a business and you find one that you’re comfortable with and that you truly enjoy then your life is going to be filled with success and happiness.

There is no doubt that you will be working hard but as I mentioned before you will be working hard towards your future. It is sad to think that many people work so hard for others only to come home with a minimal paycheck.

What You Actually Need When Starting a Business

What do you need to start a business? As an entrepreneur, there are lots of things you need when you are starting a business.

1. Your Winning Idea

You need to have a winning idea to start a business. The idea should be something that you love to do. It should also be something that is needed by the market.

2. You Need to have a Plan

Successful entrepreneurs are always a step ahead of their execution plans. It is so easy to start a business without a plan, but your chance of failure is by far greater. Having a business plan gives you an overview of your business.

3. Know your Market

If you are selling to everybody, then you are selling to nobody. You need to know the market you are promoting your product or service to. Do your research so you don’t waste your time selling to the wrong people.

After you have known your market, choose a marketing method that suits your market. Without appropriate planning you won’t know what size your market needs to be and whether you will have enough customers to give you what you need to have a successful business especially in the future.

4. Seek Help from Professional

You shouldn’t just start a business all alone without seeking guidance. Since you are new in this, you will need to consult a business expert for advice and guidance on this your new mission.

Do not be hesitant for asking for help. Support systems such as getting a business mentor, hiring a business startup coach or joining Mastermind groups can really help you get on the right track.

Business is and will always be complicated and will generally require a lot out of you. But if you are determined, passionate and motivated to have a life far greater and successful than what a normal job can provide, just believe that you can and you will turn that concept in to cash.

Hope this post has given you solid reasons why you should forget your degree and start a business.

You have something in you that is capable of feeding you for a lifetime, you have to discover and start a business it because your degree won’t do that.

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