Writing Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Writing Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are there high traffic writing blogs that accept guest posting for SEO? Writing is one way writers express themselves very well. Writing is a form of art where the portraits are painted with the colors of words; It is also one in which the portraits can be sold.

However, you could want to write on the writing process itself, say poetry, creative writing, short stories, etc. To get a wider reader audience for your write-ups, it is important to key into the idea of guest posting.

The carefully sorted list of top blogs below are writing blogs that accept guest posting opportunities in the subjects above, including fictional writings:

High Quality Writing Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

1) Writingforward.com

Covering subjects such as fiction writing, creative writing, and non-fictional writings etc. this blog accepts guest posts. Donovan drives her readers through the roads of broad writing. She appreciates creativity and uniqueness of writing. Forward your writings to Melissa@writingforward.com.

2) Fuelyourwriting.com

Going from promoting writers, this blog publishes guest posts on topics having to do with improving writings, as well as opportunities for young amateur writers. The tools needed to burn the passion for writing is presented. When submitting a guest post, include the idea of your topic, as well as your contact details.

3) Successfulblogging.com

This blog accepts guest posts in the niche of writing. It’s a highly successful blog with a good number of readers. Posts should be between the range of 1000-2000 words length. Use hypnotic introduction and topics, and posts should be clothed in originality.

Bullet points and appropriate subheadings would be appreciated so as to make it easily readable. A short bio at the end of the post with a link or two is allowed. Affiliate or promotional links are not accepted, and you should be prepared to respond to comments generated by your post. Submissions should be made to sue@successfulblogging.com.

4) Blog.Bookmasters.com

This high page rank blog accept guest posts however, focus on subjects such as personal experience with publishing and writing, and useful writing tips and advice. Posts are appreciated for their originality and relevance. Posts should be emailed to Blog@bookmastsers.com. It would pay a great deal to check out the blog to concretely understand the writing style before posting.

5) Writeitsideways.com

This writing blog accept guest post in the areas of freelancing, copywriting, web writing, etc. Your post should be such that its introduction is a hypnotic kind that would hook any attention in the world (of course that was exaggeration), it should be bullet-pointed to make for ease of reading, should be between 700-1200 word length.

You may feel free to add images. Affiliate links are not permitted. However, what is permitted is you including your blog’s link in your short bio. Ensure that your post is sent in plain text and well proof-read.

6) Selfpublishingteam.com

Shannon the editor, welcomes a vast degree of varying writing styles, this blog accepts guest posts on subjects having a good inclination with writing. Your experience is the key, plus the relevance of your idea; persuasive posts are appreciated. Unique write-ups are highly preferred, and respectful writers are adored. Submit posts to team@selfpublishingteam.com.

7) Menwithpens.ca

With posts rich in practicable information, and dense in quality, guests are richly welcomed. Use interesting metaphors, and be superfluous in creativity. Post length is not fixed but preferably between 750-2000 words; this must not be strictly adhered to.

You include a short bio along with your post and a link to your blog. The document should be in Word format. Your post must be original and not plagiarized. Submissions should be made to the email on the blog.

8) Wealthywebwriter.com

Emphasis is laid on the rudiments to succeeding as a web writer. The post should be realistic and practicable by readers, and should have a strong sense of connection. Posts should be 800-1200 words long, however there could be exceptions; it should be an article that can be covered in three minutes.

A picture of the author would be appreciated as well as a back link to the author’s own blog is permitted. You get to submit your query in the submission form available in the blog; you could do well to visit for more particular details.

9) Writetodone.com

This blog accepts guest posts that would benefit its readers in areas of writing. Advice, tips for writers, writing developments are numbered among the subjects they consider. The post should be 750-1500 words length.

Originality is of high regards, and connectivity to readers is grossly recommended. A short bio, including your picture and a back link to your blog are permitted. Understand the writing style of this blog if you intend to contribute, then forward your post to writetodone@gmail.com.

10) Thecreativepenn.com

This high domain authority writing blog focuses on publishing articles on subjects going from publishing, writing, marketing and creativity, and creative entrepreneurship. The author of the post that would be considered must be the author of a book.

The post must be thought provoking, and not insulting in the slightest way. The words length is 500-1000 words, and the post must not contain promotional links. Submissions should be made to Joanna@thecreativepenn.com. Article should be unique, have a positive countenance, and geared toward the blog’s audience.

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