How to Write a Mission Statement

Writing a Mission Statement for Business or Project

Do you need to write a mission statement for your life, your business, your company, your school or a department?

A mission statement captures the essence of a company or business. It provides the most direct answer as to why a business exists. Hence, writing a mission statement for yourself requires careful thought and planning. A good mission statement should contain some important aspects of the business. These include what the business can do to everyone involved in its activities. By being involved in its activities, we mean what it holds for the customers/clients, what it holds for the workers or employees and also what it holds for the owners of the business.

Clearly defining these is very important to the business. Whenever the business or company loses sight of the objectives for which it was set, this mission statement acts as a guiding light to realign the actions of the actors towards producing a purpose driven approach which encourages growth and tangible results (desired). Writing a mission statement is done with the aim of pointing the business towards its major goals (the reasons for why it was established).

Step by Step Guide to Writing a Mission Statement (Examples)

Being Unique (Business Specific)

When writing a mission statement, factor in the uniqueness of your business. There are all too many mission statements repeating most commonly used words from other mission statements. It is not surprising to find out a mission statement of a company A sounding or looking much similar to that of company B. This should not be. Writing a mission statement requires careful reflection and introspection. This is to enable the business stand out from its competition.

For a business that lifts from other mission statements, without developing its unique mission statement, this business will eventually self destruct. A brainstorming session on what a business needs or its targets and goals should be carried out. It is advisable that the help of an expert should be sought, as the chances of developing a sound mission statement will be high. A good mission statement should contain the following;

What the Business Does (Its Products and Services)

Clearly stating what the business does is provided here. The activities of the business including its products and services and the uses for these products and services are provided here. When writing a mission statement, this section should be paid close attention to. During trying times, the information here can help a business or company shape up and refocus its attention on its ideals.

For example, for a business that manufactures cosmetics, this should be clearly stated, including how it benefits the customer. The entire process of writing a mission statement is geared towards fulfilling the needs of the customer while making profits for the owners of the business.

The Process of Doing What it Does

This encapsulates the way the business is done. Values are important here. For instance, what is the business doing differently to gain an edge over its competitors? Are there corporate social responsibilities it provides for its host community? Does the business offer quality services and products?  How do these products and services measure up with that of the competition? How sustainable is the business over the long term? These questions should be satisfactorily answered if the mission statement is to be sound.

The Why

The why is an important component in any business transaction. When writing a mission statement careful thought should be given to the reasons why the business is established in the first place. The objectives of the business matters a lot. The drive and impetus fuelling the activities of the business will clarify the path whenever there is a shift from the core values for which the business was established. The mission statement gives a clearer vision of the business’ ideals.

The Advantages of the Business to the Customer

The customer/client is the reason for the existence of the business in the first place. Hence, it will do well to clearly state the benefits of the business to the client or customer. Writing a good mission statement gives the business a clear chance of improving on its products and services with a view to attracting continued patronage, thereby leading to increased and better sales. A satisfied client is good for business. Therefore, knowing the advantage the business brings to the customer increases the chances of growth.

What the Business Owner Stands to Gain

The entire business structure is arranged to benefit the owner(s). Hence, the business continues to exist because there is a likely benefit by way of profits. When writing a good mission statement, this is included to ensure that all the forces of production are channeled into providing the best services to clients which in turn handsomely rewards its owners.

Putting the Pieces Together

After taking the time to write the mission statement, it is time to put it into practice. Therefore, implementation alone will provide tangible results. The mission statement should be made public to patrons of the business as a way of giving the much needed confidence in the business. Writing a mission statement is never complete without total implementation. Consequently, during the course of implementation, persons under the employ of the business should be guided by this mission statement.

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