Writing a Press Release For Business + Free Sample Template

7 Practical Steps to Writing a Press Release For Your New Company or Existing Business

Press Release Templates for Small Businesses
If you’re looking for free publicity for your business the easiest way, writing a press release is the best call. It’s also known as news release. Whether you just launch a business, written a book or invented a software or product, any business can benefit from press release.

Small business use press release to get media coverage. If you think press release is old school, I can bet for it that press release is alive and here to stay. Press release is one key element to marketing in business. But that does not means you should use it as your only marketing strategy. It can awake and also kill a business. It works best when use consistently.

Just that many business, artist and software’s developer may not know the benefits of having a press release written about them. They don’t know that it’s a way of sharing new, stories about their business with the whole world with a little or no marketing budget.

Here are 5 benefits one can get from a press release distribution.

1. It help boost your business visibility. This is very crucial for small business, but that do not mean large corporation don’t use press release. With press release, you get your business known to your ideal customers, telling them where you are, what you do, and why they need you.

2. It is very cheap compare with paid advertising. The only expenses is getting the attention of the journalist and getting the content/story of your business or art properly written.

3. It increases traffic to your site. If the business has a website or blog, this is an increase in traffic to your site. This traffic to your site can also less to an increase in sales of your product or services.

4. Press release is like an influencer announcing or promoting your business his or her audience. It make you be seen as an expert in your industry. When your name or business name goes out, you will be seen by most people as a trust worthy person. And you know what happen when you build trust in business? It leads to sales because your press release has helped you build trust.

5. It improve your business brand image.

Writing a Press Release

Now, you’ve got your story or announcement ready in mind and it’s time to go public with writing.

Here are the guides in writing a press release

1. Make sure you have a good reason for writing a press release. Don’t just write a press release because you just want to get your name out. It should be on the launch of a new product or invention, opening of a new branch, a special discount on a product or an upcoming event. Your story must be read worthy and interesting.

2. Your headline matters a lot. Headline that capture your target audience. A killer title that would catch readers attention is the best. The more catchy your headline, the higher the chance that it will be read. Example of a good headline is, “Buy our product and get $100”. The $100 must not be cash but a free item/product worth $100 if the customer purchase a product worth $400 upward.

3. You should target the right publication that addresses or focus on your ideal customers. The publication you’re sending your press release to should be the right publication for your business. You can not be relating your new software invention to a pregnant woman who is planning to lose weight and keep shape.

4.Take note of important details like the date, the location of whatever you’re writing about, phone number, standard typing format like double-spacing, one or two page is enough for a good press release.

5.The five W’s. This is the main element or idea behind a good press release. A perfect press release should cover this five W’s: Who, What, When, Why, Where. The Who and Where is already covered in the address because it covers your company and it’s location. The What (the reason you’re writing the press release) and Where (date of the announcement. Still in the address column). The Why is the reason they should buy into your announcement or whatever you’re relating to your audience and why you think your business or offer is important to them.

6.Avoid grammatical errors as much as possible.

7. End your press release with a call to action. After all, why did you write it in the first place.

Now, go write that press release and take your business, software to the peak!

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