How to Write a Letter to a Board of Directors

How to Write a Formal Letter to a Board of Directors

How Do I Address a Letter to a Board of Directors? This is usually a formal setting. Hence, if you need to convey a message, knowing how to write a letter to a board of directors is important. This knowledge can make a difference between writing a letter which is accepted or rejected. There are certain guidelines to follow when writing a letter to the board of directors, and this article will reveal these guidelines to you. If your new job requires constant communication with the board of directors, then you need not be afraid as we will ensure you get that basic knowledge.

Taking Your Time

You may have ample time to prepare your letter to the board of directors or be under a lot of pressure to do so immediately. Whatever case applies to you, it is important to take your time to write a well thought-out letter. You may wonder how, when you are required to do so immediately! Well, try not to hasten things up, as a letter written in haste could leave out some vital parts unattended to.

Although pressures may arise, it is more likely that most of the time; you will have ample time to do a good job. When brainstorming, gather your points and write a draft, including all these points. It will help to ask others to help you in the review of your letter before submitting it.

Checking for Errors

No matter how well you think you wrote your letter, it is important you check for errors. This can be done through proofreading as well as also checking for errors in your grammar. When proofreading your letter, trying reading this letter out loud to ensure that any mistakes not identified earlier are easily spotted through this process. You should have someone help you out by reviewing this letter to identify likely mistakes.

The Address

When writing a letter to a board of directors, addressing the letter should be taken seriously. The top of your letter should contain name or company name, the company address, email, phone and fax numbers. A date should follow immediately under the address. After you are done with your address, the board address should follow. This is then followed by the salutation.

A letter head would eliminate the need for writing an address as it already has your address or the address of the company you are writing for.

The Body

After the formal salutation, the structure of the body of the letter is very important. The purpose of your letter is usually found before the body. In most cases, a letter addressed to a board of directors normally consists of between 2 to 3 paragraphs. Normally, the first paragraph should be able to tell them the general idea of the letter. You should go straight to the point here as it will indicate to the board that you mean business.

If the facts cannot be contained within the first two paragraphs, a third paragraph or more should be included. Every paragraph should start with a sentence that conveys the idea within the paragraph. Every fact or to be presented should have a separate paragraph to allow for easy flow of the information being conveyed within the letter. Mixing up several points within a single paragraph will create comprehension problems.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of your letter should normally contain your expectations or your desired result from the written letter. The letter should normally close with “Sincerely” or “Yours Sincerely” followed by a comma. Some space should be left (preferably between 2 to 4 lines) before your signature, followed by your name. If such a letter is also addressed to others apart from the board of directors, a “Cc” should be added followed by the names of the addressee(s).

The paragraphs within the letter should not be unnecessarily long. This is because it may lead to repetitions which can be annoying and may make reading such a letter become quite laborious. If the facts supplied within your letter are exhausted, then you should round up your letter. Because this is vital, it is further stressed; it is advisable to use a single paragraph for a fact rather than having several facts put together. Doing this may create confusion and distort the thought flow of the letter.

An Important Tip

After writing the letter and addressing same, care should be taken to properly address the envelope containing the letter too. If the members of this board are numerous, you may address this letter to specific individuals or an individual followed by the title held in the board.

The art of knowing how to write a letter to a board of directors at first looks challenging. However, with continued practice, this can become very easy and enjoyable. An important tip which can help is to write the letter early enough and come back to review the letter after a day. You are likely to be surprised that you may discover several mistakes even after correcting the same letter the previous day. This helps in reducing mistakes to the barest minimum.

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