Woolworths Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Woolworths Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Woolworths marketing plan executive summary is the focus of this article. This sample marketing plan executive summary is provided as a guide to enable entrepreneurs with little or no knowledge of how to write a comprehensive marketing business plan executive summary gain the necessary insight. For a business to be taken seriously, it needs to have a properly laid out marketing plan. This enables investors to invest in the business with the confidence of having the business yield healthy returns on investment.

This article focuses on the executive summary section of the business plan due to its importance to how well a marketing plan is structured. Therefore, our focus; Woolworths marketing plan executive summary is an attempt to draw importance to what a good business plan executive summary should look like. The executive summary section of the business plan should be compelling enough as to attract the reader (in this case the investor) to continue reading the entire marketing plan.

It highlights the key areas of the entire marketing plan. The marketing plan itself is central to the success of the business enterprise, as no business of worth will succeed without having a well-written plan of action for driving sales. In this article, we will show you the basics of what a marketing plan executive summary should contain.

Executive Summary
Woolworths is a major retailer of a wide variety of products consisting of consumer goods such as groceries and several consumable products. With a vision to be among the top 3 major retail players in the world, Woolworths has invested considerable capital and expertise into achieving its set goals. Some of these strategies include enlisting the best brains in marketing to help in developing strategies where Woolworths will be preferred above its competitors in the provision of cutting-edge online shopping services globally.

With an increasing number of people who prefer online shopping, Woolworths is well positioned to provide this service to its increasing client base. As a strategy to increase the patronage of our service, we have come up with strategies to add variety to our list of available products. We have concluded plans for expanding into other areas such as electronics, fitness, and fashion with a view to increase and accommodate the needs of this segment of online shoppers.

Market Analysis
The advent of the internet has changed people’s way of life. Today, one has the option of either going to the mall, supermarket or grocery store to shop or do same virtually through the internet. With people global population increasing becoming busier and shopping time becoming a luxury many cannot afford, online shopping has come to the rescue as goods shopped online are conveniently delivered to the owner at whatever address he/she prefers. With the rising need to shop online, Woolworths comes in handy to fill in the demand gap by providing quality services.

Competitive Analysis
Currently, the online commerce industry is witnessing impressive growth with an increasing number of competitors offering similar services. It becomes necessary to innovate, not to compete with the pack but to be ahead of them through the development of services and products which stand us out. The internet has revolutionized the way shopping is done and shoppers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their shopping habits. This trend is what we at Woolworths will exploit by being a step further in bringing innovation through the development of more convenient ways to shop and also find new ways of paying for goods and delivering same to our customers.

The development of more convenient ways of paying for goods is what we intend to pursue. This will be highly secure and protect the identity of shoppers.

Financial Projections
Because there is an increasing need for online shopping services among consumers, the capacity to satisfy all these needs is what Woolworth aims to achieve within the next 5 years. As mentioned earlier, we intend to become a one-stop shop for all visitors where they find everything they need. To make our services more desirable, we will be having highly competitive prices for goods to encourage higher patronage. With current trends in the online retail market, we have mapped out a 3-year financial projection plan which will see our revenues increasing considerably. This is summarized in the table below;

  • First Year $400,000
  • Second Year $780,000
  • Third Year $1,000,000

Marketing Strategies
We will adopt a variety of highly effective marketing strategies to drive positive sales considerably. One way of achieving this is through the use of social media channels. These include Facebook, Twitter among several others. Sponsored adverts will be placed on these platforms to increase our visibility considerably. Also, we will be placing paid adverts on the electronic and print media to also influence sales, as well as mounting billboards at very strategic areas, most especially those with high traffic. All our marketing activities will be planned and executed by marketing experts.

This Woolworths marketing plan executive summary sample has provided a guide for persons interested in starting an online business of their own. It includes the key areas which every marketing plan executive summary must possess. Using this as a guideline, you would be able to produce a well-written marketing plan executive summary which is unique to your business and having the capacity to help you achieve your business goals.

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