How Much Does it Cost to Tint Windows – Average Prices

How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost? – Estimates Near Me

Tinting a home window is not as popular as tinting a car window, but you will be quite surprised to know that there are more benefits of home window tinting that car window tinting. Better still, the average cost of window tinting is not so high and this is even a job that you can get done by yourself. However, there are a whole lot of things to consider before embarking on such.

How much does it cost to tint windows. This is a question that a lot of people actually want answers to and in the course of this article, we will be giving an expository post of the cost to tint a window


When you decide to tint your window, you will be presented with a whole lot of benefits. Of which a lot are quite obvious. Just as the benefit of blocking out the ray of the sun, shielding your furniture and so on. Under listed are the other benfits that you can get fropm tinting your home window

  1. KEEPING THE HOME COOL: It is quite obvious that tinted windows will block the rays of the sun that would normally gets through a window that is not tinted. Sun rays automatically brings with it heat into the home, this will also be blotted out by the tinted window.

Although most home owners will prefer to enjoy the natural lighting from the sun rays, some will rather prefer a cooler home. If you are in the category of the latter, then it is time to consider tinting your home window.

  1. MONEY SAVED ON ENERGY BILLS: Apart from the benefit of having a cooler home, tinted windows will also drastically reduce the amount of money you expend of paying energy bills. For homeowners that have an air conditioning unit installed in their home, they will underastand the huge benefit of tinting their windows as they will not have the need to have the AC switched on at all times.

Also in the winter, tinted windows will also help you save enough heat that you have paid for  in the home. It is quite obvious that you will be able to save some few cash the year round.

  1. HARMFUL UV RAYS: It may sound cool to get a beautiful tan on your skin, but just as it is reported, a long time exposure to the sun is quite unhealthy and if exposure happens for a very long time, might lead to cancer. Tinting your window will help you protect yourself and your family from these harmful UV rays of the sun.
  2. PROTECTION OF THE FURNITURE: What do children, pets, food and direct sunlight bear in common. They all have the tendency to harm your furniture. When your furniture is hit by direct sunlight, it can start to discolourate. The rays of the sun will cause the fabrics to fade, and so with time, your furniture, drapery and carpetery will begin to loose value. In that situation, tinted windows will save you a lot of money from having to replace your furniture in a short period.
  3. PRIVACY: What is done in the home should be our business. Tinted windows will give you the benefit of having your privacy protected. Whether you choose to walk around without your clothes on or you just want to block out neighbours, tinted windows will offer you that great opportunity to have your privacy never violated.
  4. DECORATIVE TOUCH: Finally, a decorative tinted window will improve the looks of your home and give an appealing exterior design.


If your tinted window is done properly, your home will look more appealing both on the outside and the inside. And installing a window tint is not quite a difficult task and a lot of homeowners can get this done by themselves. Nevertheless, you can as well decide to get in touch with a professional to help you asess your home and give you the best quotation and opinion on the best window tints that will suit your home.

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