What Makes A Good Blog – 5 Things You Must Know

5 Tips On What Makes A Good Blog

Presently, the number of blogs on the world wide web runs into millions and tens of thousands are being created to join these existing blogs daily. A lot of people create blogs with the hope of growing it into success and making money from it. The truth is blogging is not for everyone. It is not a must for you to go into blogging if you don’t know what it takes to succeed in it. Believe, the competition is real. It has smoked out lots of new bloggers who cannot get enough traffic to make their blogs popular.

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In this post, I will be sharing with you five things you need to be careful about if you really want to make a good blog that people will find useful.

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Irrespective of your niche, the truth is you are not yet a successful blogger until you achieve the purpose for which that blog was created. From previous experiences, there are certain factors and steps you should look into if you want to make a good blog that lots of people benefit from.

Are you planning to create a blog soon? Do you manage a blog currently? Here are some basic tips on how to make a good blog.

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1. Inspiring Blog Design
Your blog layout and colour combinations are the first things visitors notice when they land on your blog. And you as it is often said, ‘the first impression matters’. You shouldn’t drive away visitors that you have laboured to acquired through a shabby blog template or shouting colours. When customizing your blog design, remember it’s about the visitors not you. If you don’t have what it takes to edit your blog design, go online and search for beautifully styled blog themes which can be paid or hire a professional designer. You should try to avoid designs that would hamper your site SEO.

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2. The Right Niche
It is good to have width but better to have depth. Over the years, blogger have realised that blogs with a defined theme and focus often do better than the general ‘all purpose’ ones. This is because Google gives more credibilty to them because they appear as authority blogs in their chosen niches.
However, not all niches are profitable. You should try to blend your passion with profitability while searching for a topic of discussion for your blog. Picking a topic you have scanty knowledge about many result in frustration that make many new bloggers quit as early as they start.

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3. Regular Quality Content
The quality of the articles on your blog is its true value. Content and design are the main criteria used in judging whether a blog is good or bad. You should take your time to come up with useful articles so that visitors will find it necessary to subscribe to your future updates. Copying and publishing articles that people can get elsewhere won’t take your blog anywhere. Aside quality, you should endeavour to publish regularly. If you can keep up rolling out quality posts regularly, your blog would soon hit the limelight.

4. Build Readers’ Loyalty
To make your blog successful your writing style should connect with the audience. To achieve this, make sure your posts is directed at solving visitors problems. Study how established bloggers with lots of comments on their blog write. The way you conclude your posts should encourage readers to drop comments too. Creating a relationship with your audience is the surest way to build fans’ loyalty so that can find it interesting to return to your blog over and over again. Set up social media profiles for your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. This has an additional benefit of increasing blog traffic.

5. Stand Out
Dare to be different. To stand out from the millions of blogs out there, there should something unique about your blog. Most successful blogs are known for one thing or the other. For some, it may be the blog design, while others may stand out with their content. You should think up ways to make your blog different. Ask yourself, what will people say is specific to my blog?

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Success in blogging takes time, months and even years. The main point is to enjoy what you do so that you don’t get easily frustrated out.

If you want to make your blog stand out from the crowd and get that traffic you have always desired, ensure you have all these points in place.

I wish you success in your blogging career!

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