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Profitable Businesses You Can I Start In Nigeria Today

What are the best businesses to start in Nigeria today? Are you searching for lucrative businesses to start in Nigeria?

Due to the economic instability the country is facing presently, starting a business is not just something to be debated again but a necessity for anyone who wish to become financially free.

So, if you are thinking of starting a business, here are 10 best businesses to start in Nigeria today for any serious entrepreneur to consider.

  1. Dry Cleaning Business

This is a business that is always in high demand no matter the number of dry cleaning store in one street or community. It is regarded as one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria today because a lot of people are too lazy when it comes to washing while others don’t have the time to wash their clothes due to the nature of their work.

I have so many friends that has become financially free and are doing well for themselves running this business. If you have the finance to buy the needed equipment which include washing machine, washing detergent, pressing iron, generator, ironing board or table, you should consider venturing into the business. it is an evergreen business.

  1. Ecommerce

This is another best business to start in Nigeria today because everything is now going online and businesses in Nigeria is not left behind. Due to the huge success from giant ecommerce business like Jumia and Konga, so many entrepreneurs have started their own ecommerce businesses and are doing well.

The business does not involve huge capital to start, customers get to patronize from anywhere in Nigeria and you can easily track your sales and profits.

  1. Transportation Business

People must move from one place to another and many depends solely on public transport as they are yet to afford a car for themselves. There are a lot of people that depend on public transport to go to their working places, travel to neighboring states.

This is a business that is ever striving. There is no way anyone can start a transport business today and come to say it is not profitable. As long as people will continue to move from one place to the other, they will surely need a transport line to take them there.

If you cannot afford a vehicle to start this business today, do not wait. You can enter a hire purchase deal with someone who has a vehicle so you can start the business immediately.

  1. Information Marketing

Do you have a valuable information that solves a specific problem and you know people will be willing to pay to have that information? Then you can start an information marketing business and become rich within months.

How do you do about it?

Start a blog around that information in your head, start creating valuable contents to draw traffic (attention) to your blog and get them subscribe to an email list, organize a free online class using email, WhatsApp group or webinar to create awareness and sell your information to them at the end of the free online class.

It is one lucrative online business that has made lots of people in Nigeria very rich and people are still making money from it till today. Information is gold and that is why you are reading this post right now.

  1. Start a Writing Company

If you are an entrepreneur with passion in writing, you can choose to start a writing company where you will be delivery writing services to magazines, blogs, websites and small and medium brands in the country.

To get writing clients in this business is very easy because websites and blogs always need unique and engaging contents to share with their readers and you will need to get competent writers if you want to scale the business to higher height.

  1. Car Wash Business

This is another striving business to start today in Nigeria. With your car wash business located in a busy road or street, you are always going to get customers that will come to get their car washed.

To keep customers coming back, you just need to spice your car wash center by adding a restaurant to it so people can refresh themselves with food and watching television as they wait for their car. This is another means of making money too from your cash wash business.

  1. Poultry Farming

Starting a poultry farm might look dirty to some people because of the work involve. But, if you are aware of the profit you can make with poultry business, you won’t hesitate.

The chicken industry has two main parts; Layers, where the chickens bred also lay or produce eggs, or Broilers, where chicken are bred mainly for meat. It is advisable you go for both layers and Broilers so you can be making money from selling eggs and meats.

You can start with 100 chickens and grow it into a large scale business within a year.

  1. Waste Management Business

This is one best business to start in Nigeria today that many aspiring entrepreneurs are not seeing yet. You can start this business by first registering with waste management board in your state and define the street or community you want to focus on.

If you know that this service is lacking in your street or community, you can start up your own waste management business as government encourage private individuals to venture into this business because they know they can’t reach everybody by themselves.

  1. Tailoring Business

If you have love for fashion and you have the technical skill for designing clothes, you can start a tailoring business and become the boss of your own. The beauty about this fashion business is that you are getting paid to make people look beautiful.

  1. Boutique Business

Starting a boutique business is another best business to start in Nigeria today. You can decide to sell on clothes or mixture of clothes, shoes, bags, wrist-watches and others so as to boost profit and get people always coming into your store.


I was just doing some random search for new business ideas to write on this morning when it crossed my mind that a lot of Nigerians use search engines to gather business ideas.

I came across popular phrases such as:

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Then it dawned on me that as Nigerians we are not really short of ideas to invest our cash in. Whether you are looking to create an entirely new business idea or to re-brand existing ones, there are numerous opportunities open to you. Practical Business Ideas blog and Nairaland Business are two popular pools of business ideas to explore.

The truth is, it’s not only about the best business to start but getting information and experience which can help succeed at doing that business. The baseline is to nurture the young business to fruition.

This whole revelation made me come up with some things to watch out for if you want to invest in Nigeria successfully.

==> Don’t reply UNSOLICITED emails, faxes and phones calls that:
-promise financial reward for helping out
-ask for money or spurious assistance

==> Carry out your own market research. Develop a business plan. Don’t start or run your business on hearsays or assumptions

==> Don’t transfer money to someone:
-on the promise that you will also receive money.
-who sends you a check

==> If that business deal looks too good, have a second thought because it is probably too good to be true.

==> Verify all your business partners officially and through people you know.

==> Abstain from bribery to avoid stories that touch the heart especially blackmail

==> You will need a lot of patience and great personal relationship which are key to success in business.

==> In investing in Nigeria, put into consideration issues of electricity, religion, culture and security

==> Ensure that the source of any payment you receive is verified and the funds cleared by your bank

==> If you are abroad, make sure you come down to Nigeria in order to assess the business environment and create a reliable and verified team.

Starting a business is not easy and not for the chicken-hearted. To succeed in any business irrespective of the kind of business needs determination and persistence. If you are really serious to start a business in Nigeria today, I just gave you 10 best businesses that you can start in Nigeria today. Good luck with your choice!

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