What is A Periscope App and How Does it Work for Business?

What is Periscope App? What is Periscope Live Streaming on Social Media: Android TV? Twitter?

So exactly what is Periscope? I know you must have been hearing about a new app called Periscope. The way at which periscope is taking over the internet is very surprising. Now every online coach and marketers want to be on periscope. Nobody wants to be left behind. Before, it was Skype rocking the wave of online video chat, now it’s periscope who knows what will be next.

What is A Periscope Used For?

So what is periscope used for? Periscope is a live-streaming/broadcasting app owned by Twitter. It is a live video streaming mobile app that allows one to send message and video conversation through an iOS or Android phone. The app was purchased by Twitter in February 2015 even before it was launched. It hit one million users in 10 days. This app support community building, that’s why it is mainly used by online entrepreneurs and small businesses to build the bond between them and their customers.

For you to use periscope, you will need to have a twitter account. Periscope is free if you know to use it and it allows you to follow anyone you wish to and also unfollow them.

How Does Periscope App Work?

What is periscope app used for? Periscope is like having your own broadcasting station. You can create a video of your business yourself singing in the shower, share a live event or just give a motivational talk and share with your followers. One thing about periscope is, even if some of your friends were not online when you shared your video, there can still gain access to it and replay it within 24 hours before the streamed video is brought down by periscope.

It has an option for private and public broadcast i.e. you can send video to some particular people if you don’t want all your followers to access it. When you stream a video broadcast and you’re done, the video automatically save to your phone and you can do anything you want with it.

I am very certain journalist will find this app very useful in their profession because it will enable them get live event and share it immediately with their followers or better still with their news crew for live broadcast. Periscope is truly a welcoming app in this 21st century. After all, it is better than Facebook live. But that’s story for another day.

Periscope For Business

Businesses have always been looking for smart ways to connect and get closer with their customers so as to build a better and stronger bond. If you’re a business owner, online coach or trainer, author or celebrity, periscope is the new app for you to connect with your audience. Periscope allows for real-time engagement for people who want immediate answer to their question.

Here is how to use periscope for your business

1. Live Event

Are you an online coach, trainer or a motivational speaker? Periscope allows audience watch live event taking place if they can’t make it to the venue due to distance factor. Online coach/trainers can take advantage of this app and host a live class either paid or free. If it is a paid class, you will use the private option to limit the view to only those that paid.

This is even better because you don’t need to spend money in renting a hall, booking for lighting, camera coverage and other logistics. Using periscope for holding a live event like an online coaching class or workshop is the best bet. It is free and cheap. You only spend money on internet data.

2. Team Motivation

As a leader in an organization, motivation is crucial for getting high performance in your workplace. Periscope can be used for that. You just include who you want to listen to your broadcast and go live, motivate your team, hold a short meeting to discuss organizational goals etc.

3. Periscope Discount

Everybody loves discounts and giveaways. And since periscope is new, you can open a discount for only your periscope followers. This will make your customers on periscope feel special and it will also increase your followers too.

4. Create a new Community

Just like an email list, and any social media platform. Periscope can also be used to launch a new community. One main problem while people refuse to sign up for periscope is, they think it’s the same twitter followers they will also get. But I promise you, give it a try and you will find out that you will have a new set of followers that you don’t even know.

5. Display the Inside of your Company

Everyone feels special when they are regarded as member of a family. You can do a live broadcast of the inside of your company (if you know what a periscope app is) so they can see what it look like behind the scene. This increases your brand awareness and builds a huge relationship with your followers.

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