Wedding Business Ideas and Opportunities for Weekends

Unique Wedding Related Businesses You Can Start This Year

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, a memorable and pleasant day that is forever remembered by the couples, you can therefore make some money from this happy couples and their well wishers by doing businesses that are related to their wedding.

Some of the businesses that are wedding related that you can do on weekends and make money from are:

(1) Wedding Planner 

You can be a wedding planner who works on weekends, a wedding planner organizes and coordinates everything that makes a wedding a reality. The wedding planner plan things from the beginning to the end of the wedding, right from the design of the wedding down to the organization of things.

There are even instances where wedding planners make decisions on behalf of the couple to make things easier for them, he or she ensures that the couples only have the fun and exciting part of their wedding and not the stressful part.

This is a business that pays very well because weddings are done every weekends and everyone wants their wedding to be well organized and planned.

A wedding planner can also offer other services if he or she have knowledge or hire those who offer such services, but offering the services yourself increases your profits and also avoid being disappointed by other vendors. A wedding planner can also decorate, offer catering services, and so on.

(2) Wedding Photographer and Videographer

This is another wedding related business you can do on weekends. Every couple wants to have pictures and video recordings of their happy moments therefore, they hire someone who can capture every moment of their wedding and this is a business opportunity for you.

Being a wedding photographer or/and videographer requires training and the necessary equipments. This is a business that has lot of fun in it and to do this business, you must be able to mingle with people easily and also be friendly.

A frowning person cannot be a wedding photographer or videographer because you are dealing with happy people and you should also be happy with them and show the same excitement they are showing.

This business gives you the opportunity to do other arts or whatever you want during the week without one business hindering the other since most weddings are done on weekends. You need to be creative and good at the business, you can even create a website where you will upload wedding pictures and videos you capture at weddings, it will also promote your business.

(3) Master of Ceremonies [M.C]

Being a Master of Ceremonies is another business you can do during weekends for weddings. Master of Ceremonies are the host of the wedding and as the host, you should make sure everyone is enjoying their selves and make the wedding a success, you should be able to coordinate everything, speak well in the public [a shy person cannot do this business] and also be jovial.

This is a business mostly for people that love to talk in front of crowd, people that do not mind calling attention to themselves, funny and also very clever people. A dull witted person cannot do this business.

This business thrives very well because in every wedding, you need a master of ceremonies that will anchor the wedding and keep your guests entertained.

(4) Make-up Artist

A makeup artist creates beauty by using cosmetic processes and techniques to bring out the colors, features, hide flaws and also enhance human appearances. This is a business that thrives very well because every key participants of a wedding especially the bride wants and also must look extremely beautiful and good.

Brides pay lots of money on their makeup artist to look their best on their very special day. As a makeup artist, you need to be very good at the business because there are many makeup artists and you need to rise above your competitors.

(5) Wedding DJ/Band

You can be a wedding DJ, have a band or be both together. It is rare to see a wedding that does not have a wedding band or DJ because music and dancing is important at every wedding ceremony, the couples dance, the parents dance with the couples and so on.

A wedding DJ must have great music and entertaining skills while a wedding band must have good voice, it is very paramount. You must also be a lover of music because a person who hates music would not have great taste in music and might end up playing or singing songs that will ruin the wedding atmosphere.

Some couples even hire both DJ and band so that they will be alternating during the reception while some hire just one of the two based on their choice.

Other wedding related businesses you can do on weekends are: selling and renting wedding gowns, renting halls, honeymoon planner, printing of wedding invitations, wedding florist, writing wedding invitations and vows, wedding blogger and magazine, bridal gown designer, wedding caterer and so on.

More Business Opportunities:

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