Web Hosting in Nigeria – Top Companies, Cheap, Reseller and Unlimited Hosting Plans

Top Hosting Companies In Nigeria – Best Web Hosting Sites In Nigeria

Best Many bloggers have a wrong belief that most web hosting companies in Nigeria don’t provide quality hosting services. I will want to use this opportunity to change your attitude towards that as we have one of the best hosting companies in Africa and they are even sometimes patronized by other countries on the continent.

The problems attributed to most Nigerian web hosting companies are a general phenomenon which cut across all the web hosting companies in the world. Though some perform below expectations, but for your perusal, we will be discussing the best web hosting in Nigeria that you can work with.

One advantage these Nigerian hosting companies have over their foreign counterpart is that you can easily access them with their local phone numbers or even approach them directly in their offices. And not only that, payment is so easy to make as they allow to pay into their local bank, which definitely removes the hassles of money transfer you have to pass through when dealing with a foreign hosting company.

They are also quite cheap and affordable to upcoming bloggers that will want to have their own custom domain name as well as hosting. These companies even go to the extent of giving you a free domain name after purchasing a hosting plan with them and for your information; you can get a cheap hosting for as low as N2500 per year with some of the companies.


DomainKing offers one of the cheapest web hosting service in Nigeria and coupled with a wide promotion, they have been able to get into the market with their wide range of affordable products with goof customer care services. With as little as N100/month, you can get a hosting plan with great features such as a free domain name, 247 Technical support, 99.9% Uptime. The highest plan is what they call King and with this for just N1200/month you get a 10Gb space, 100GB Bandwidth, 10 domain names and unlimited email accounts.


Syskay systems in my opinion are the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, founded in the year 2006. They have varying hosting plan, although the cheapest is Standard , which is N6000/year, it comes with a free doman name, 8GB storage, 20Gb bandwidth.
They also offer another webhosting plan called Corporate Package. This costs N50,000 yearly with unlimited Gig, up to 10 domain names with unlimited sub-domains.


With Globalhosting247, quite a number of Nigerian internet users can afford to get a hosting plan, which can go for as low as N900 yearly for a 1GB Disk size, this also comes with 5Gb bandwidth, Mysql databases and an unlimited email account.


Web4Africa is also known to provide a high quality hosting service, with lots of features. They as well boast of a very sound customer care service that you can reach with less hassles and their hosting plan is as well affordable ranging from N6400 to about N24,000 on a yearly basis, you can get a minimum of 5Gb to quite unlimited storage. Web4Africa serves not only Nigeria but a host of other African countries, so they mostly charge in dollars, which they allow you to pay the Naira equivalent and as well accept other online payment platforms such as Payza, Perfectmoney etc.


Sometimes I wonder if whogohost is a Nigerian company. Their response to complaint and enquiries are super fast, you will want to believe they are automated, whereas you are being attended to by their customer care agents. They have one of the largest database of hosting clients in Nigeria, they are licensed by Google and also a .NG registrar.
With as low as N2500 yearly, you can get a 1GB storage with 4GB Bandwith and as well as a free domain.


RegisterAm is another webhosting company in Nigeria that offers great services. Its hosting plans ranges from a minimum of N2500 to N50,000, which is the premium unlimited hosting package. They offer bandwith in the range 2GB to unlimited and disk space in the range of 500MB-50GB.


Vbhostnet offers great web hosting services for both beginners and experts web designers/developers. They provide one of the best web and reliable hosting in Nigeria with free domain name registration. Their packages ranges from N3000 – N25,000 yearly hosting price with minimum of 35GB monthly bandwidth and 10GB disk space.


Cheap Web hosting in Nigeria could be your first-class buddy or it could be your worst nightmare if you have chosen a incorrect one. There are thousands of web hosting sites in Nigeria obtainable and it is a very competitive enterprise.

Reasonably-priced net web hosting has the price range from $three to $10 monthly and occasionally you could get it for free in case you allowed the Nigerian web hosting site to host their advertisement to your web site. With such minimal price, everyone may want to run their site. However how dependable are the ones cheap web hosting in Nigeria?

The solution is yes and NO. It varies from one internet webhost to some other. I have been the use of an internet host for greater than 2 years now and it is so far so properly for me. My answer for the Nigerian web hosting site is truely fine.

Case take a look at of this Affordable Website Hosting in Nigeria:

1. Price: I pay month-to-month $7 and it’s miles really cheap and less expensive by using any guy with net connection.
2. Support: Technical guide is fast. They have got stay chat 24/7 and it lightens me plenty as I do not apprehend most of the technical trouble. They’re useful and well mannered.
Three. Relative rapid Server reaction: i have examined before an high-priced server which I paid $one hundred fifty monthly and that i locate now not lots distinction from the velocity of each reasonably-priced and pricey server that i use.
Four. 99.Nine% Server Uptime: so long as I consider, there was handiest once that server was down, and it was a scheduled downtime with much less than one hour. The provider informs me approximately it 2 weeks earlier than it occurred.

I am going to invite myself once more, is cheap net web hosting reliable, sure, no question for my case it’s far reliable and awesome. It’s miles very crucial to pick reliable web hosting in Nigeria and always don’t forget to pick out the one with right reputation.


Resellers Hosting Plan In Nigeria- Reseller Web Hosting In Nigeria

Best reseller hosting in Nigeria
Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting that allows an account owner the opportunity to use his allotted Disk Space and bandwidth to host websites for other people. The reseller buys the hosting plan from a bigger company and he is permitted to have access to great unlimited features that will comfortably allow him to host other users on his own platform. The reseller utilizes a dedicated server with the host company that he shares with his own clients.

Cheapest Nigerian reseller web host
Web hosting reselling is a business venture that you could try. As its name implies, you resell the hosting plan you buy, which translates to you selling at any amount you desire to gain profit. Though you have to be careful not to overprice, as the competition is high, and clients will eventually ditch you for other providers that could give them cheaper hosting plans.

We will be highlighting a host a companies that allow for the reseller feature of web hosting in Nigeria.

Web Hosting Reseller In Nigeria

1. VBHOSTNET vbhostnet.com
Vbhostnet have different reselling plans ranging from the basic Reseller, Master Reseller and the Alpha master Reseller web hosting packages with great unique features.

The Basic reseller comes for just N9000/year with about 200GB Space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, free domain names, cPanel.

The Master Reseller plan, this you can get for N14000/yearly and it comes with a 500GB Web Disk Space, unlimited monthly Bandwidth, free domain names and so on.

The Alpha Plan is N20,000/year and this comes with unlimited Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth, sell cPanel, VHM and Master as well as unlimited domains


Web4Africa is another company that has great reselling plans. They boast of utilizing cPanel and WHIM which are the world’s best web hosting control panel. And their package comes with Free 1 year SSL Certificate if you pay for at least 1 year of reseller web hosting account and also offer a great network monitoring to allow them respond to any technical difficulties as it may occur.

Their minimum reseller plan is N5000/month with 50 Gb disk space, 500Gb Bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited emails.

The other reseller package they offer is N7500/month and this comes with 75GB Disk space with 750GB Bandwidth, Unlimited database and emails.

The 3rd Plan is that of N10,000/month and this as well comes with 100GB Disk space with 1000 GB Bandwidth, unlimited databases and emails with 247 technical supports.

Utiware have a reseller plans that are cost effective for entrepreneurs, web designers and web developers to host unlimited web sites. They as well offer a whopping 25% discount when you purchase a regular web hosting plan and as well give you unlimited domains.

Their minimum reseller package is N37500/year and this comes with unlimited emails, 10GB disk size with 80Gb bandwidth, unlimited Microsoft database with MySQL Databases, Mailboxes, and as well as unlimited mailing lists.

The other plan goes for N50,000/year with just 15GB disk space, 120Gb bandwidth and unlimited Microsoft database with MyQSL Databases, Mailboxes and unlimited mailing lists.

The maximum plan is N75,000 and this comes with 25GB Disk space with 180Gb bandwidth, unlimited Microsoft database with MySQL Databases, Mailboxes, and as well as unlimited mailing lists.

Perfectvisualhost is also features great hosting benefits such as a dedicated Name server free cPanel/WHM unlimited domain host and they even offer you free advertising on their forum, with free search engine submission and a host of other great benefits.

They have 5 different reseller plans which they prefer to split the payment into a bi-yearly plan.

The minimum plan is N8000 for 6 months, with 15000MB Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited cPanels, free set up.

They also have the N13500 plan for 6 months. This comes with 30000MB Disk space, unlimited bandwidths and other great features.

The 3rd plan is N21,000 for 6 months with 60000MB Disk Space and unlimited bandwidths

The 4th plan is N40,000 for 6 months with 150000MB Disk space with unlimited bandwidths

The 5th Plan is N67,000 for 6 months with 300000MB Disk Space with unlimited bandwidths.

Whogohost is also one of the great web hosting providers with great service in Nigeria. Their package comes with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, FTP Accounts, PHP 5.4, MySQL Databases, cPanel and PHPMyAdmin, unlimited parked domains and automated installation for WordPress, Joomla and SMF etc.

Their minimum reseller package plan is N10,000 annually and this comes with 5GB Disk Space with 50Gb Bandwidth, though with no free domain.

They also have a bronze plan which is N25000 annually and this comes with a 25GB Disk space with 250Gb Bandwidth plus a free domain and unlimited subdomains with unlimited host of users.

The Silver package is N50,000 annually and it comes with 75Gb disk space with 750GB Bandwidth, free domain, unlimited number of accounts as well as sub-domains.

The Gold package is N100,000 annually and this comes with a 150Gb Disk space, 1500GB Bandwidth, free domain, unlimited host of users and sub-domains.


Unlimited Web Hosting In Nigeria: Reviews, Price, Companies
Website hosting has come a long way in the Nigerian Web Masters’ world. As Nigerians no longer have the need to wait or search further for foreign hosts to get their websites and blogs on the internet. There are quite a number of Nigerian companies that offer near-perfect hosting that you would wonder if you are dealing directly with the foreign countries.

It is quite what should be obtainable anyway as it is a portrayal of technological advancement in this part of the world that is quite known for slowness when it comes to technical development.

Webhosting comes in various packages as per the need of the developer. Most developers go for the basic hosting packages, which are quite limited in the services you are opportune to benefit from. The service delivered are so much dependent on the package you subscribe too, which might eventually not meeting your needs in terms of Disk Size, bandwidth, and other available services that comes with a web hosting package.

Unlimited hosting service as rendered by some hosting companies in Nigeria will allow you to have quite a generous access to their server, which in turn gives you an ample space to operate and upload your web services. These services don’t come cheap anyway, but at least you will be getting a value for your resources expended.

But in going for an unlimited hosting service, you will have to put into consideration the level of server need of your website. If your basic activities on the web are so minimal and not so advance, so to speak, you might not really need to go for an unlimited hosting service. A basic package will do well for your web needs.

Though in a situation whereby your web services will require a lot of users’ activities such as an online forum or a service provider service which will entail onsite registration and other advanced activities, you will definitely be required to go for an unlimited web hosting service, which will give you an ample server time and bandwidth to work with.

Most of the hosting companies in Nigeria offer unlimited hosting services, but for your information we will as well highlight those that you could connect with for your web hosting services.


They offer various hosting packages, but their unlimited hosting plan comes with unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidths, unlimited databases, 50,000MB Disk Space, free domain name and it’s just N35,000 annually.

Syskay unlimited web hosting package will set you back N50,000 per year. They offer a webhosting plan called Corporate Package comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 10 domain names with unlimited sub-domains.

Their unlimited web hosting package also costs a sum of N50,000 yearly with about 50GB Disk space with unlimited bandwidth, emails and subdomains.

The unlimited hosting plan by smartweb is called Professional Package. This costs just N30,000 yearly with 50GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, unlimited sub-domains and lots more.


Whogohost highest hosting plan which is as well their unlimited plan costs just N15,000 yearly and this comes with great services such as about 30MB disk space with unlimited bandwidths, email accounts as well domain names.

Web4Africa provides very affordable unlimited hosting service which will only set you back N24,000 and you get a lot of value from this, ranging from 50GB disk space, unlimited bandwidths, unlimited emails as well as domains.

These are great hosting companies that you can actually get great unlimited hosting plans with. But as the more and further researches could be made on your end to make further inquiries and as well get the best out of these companies that provide unlimited hosting service in Nigeria.


If are looking for cheap web web hosting in Nigeria, you already know the significance of creating an internet presence in nowadays’s international scene. To help you find the great web hosting site on your website, we’ve reviewed numerous Nigeria web hosting companies, so you don’t ought to! Our expert editorial workforce ranked and evaluated their functions, services and products to deliver you our listing of the top 10 website hosting providers in Nigeria.

We invite you to examine more approximately how we rated the top 10 Nigerian web hosts beneath according to charge, customer service, reliability and usual experience.

1) www.Philmorehost.Com, Least Product is fundamental Shared hosting = N1,two hundred. 10GB web Disk, unlimited Bandwidth

2) whogohost.Com, Least Product is Aspire Shared hosting = N2,500. 1GB web Disk, 4GB Bandwidth

3) smartweb.Com.Ng, Least Product is wellknown Shared hosting = N2,500. 5GB web Disk, 20GB Bandwidth

4) ihostafrica.Com, Least Product is amateur Shared web hosting = N2,500. 1GB web Disk, 4GB Bandwidth

5) utiware.Internet, Least Product is Starter Shared website hosting = N3,500. 1GB web Disk, 2GB Bandwidth

6) web4africa.Com.Ng, Least Product is Bronze Shared hosting = N4,000. 5GB net Disk, 50GB Bandwidth

7) abimco.Com, Least Product is personal Shared web hosting = N3,504. 200MB web Disk, 5GB Bandwidth

8) 9jahoster.Com, Least Product is extra Mini Shared hosting = N2,000. 250MB internet Disk, 500MB Bandwidth

9) sbohost.Com, Least Product is Small Shared web hosting = N5,000. 1GB internet Disk, 10GB Bandwidth

10) qservers.Net, Least Product is Starter Shared hosting = N2,500. 1GB web Disk, 4GB Bandwidth

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria – Best Web Hosting In Nigeria

Top 10 Web Hosting In Nigeria
Here is precise and valuable list of top 10 web hosting sites in Nigeria, in comparison with the aid of their Alexa Rank. The listing is updated on every day foundation, (ultimate update 17 August, 2015) and deliver’s you a independent & impartial information approximately predominant website providers in Nigeria (together with Nigeria evaluations from customers and clients)

Top 10 Web Hosting In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Website Hosting Provider – Top Web Hosts in Nigeria

Whogohost (Ilupeju, Lagos) – best web host in nigeria
9ja Hoster (Ibadan, Oyo)
XCT Online (Egbeda, Lagos)
Utiware Software LLC (Victoria Island)
Perfect Visual Host (Lagos)
TheExpertHost (Surulere, Lagos)
LagosHost (Lagos, Lagos 234000, Lagos 234000)
Host Sleek (Ikeja)
HihostNow (Ikeja)
abimco.com (Abuja, Fct, Fct)


Address and Telephones of the Best Nigerian Web Hosting Companies

There are such a lot of web hosting sites that may be paid in Naira both via a Nigerian bank or an ePayment gadget. A number of them may be pretty lower priced and reliable, however it is not easy to tell that is which. So I decided to use this post to list the numerous Nigeria web hosting companies in Nigeria and the way they may be contacted.

The data shared in this thread ought to empower potential clients with the knowledge to make the proper choice of web host.

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Skylight Technologies
About Us : At Skylight Technologies we believe that technology greatly enhances speed, productivity, efficiency of every business.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.skylighttech.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No (Optional): 07036379001

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: DCMedia Services
About Us : At DCMedia, We design attractive website & also have the best hosting service that you can never get anywhere else.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website : www.dcmediaservices.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08030728249, 08020931576

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Bionts Solutions.
About Us: Bionts Solutions is an I.T Company with a multitude of services such as Custom Web Design and development using .NET web technologies and free web hosting for the php/mysql community.
Company Website: http://www.biontssolutions.com/
Phone number: 08066482305

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Web4Africa
About Us : Offers affordable domain name registration (including .ng domains) and reliable web hosting. Since 2002.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.web4africa.com.ng/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : (0708) 933-7713, (0701) 167-3905, (0701) 167-3906

Website: http://www.e-topup.com.ng/web/hosting
About Us: E-TOPUP.COM.NG also offers the most affordable web hosting
service in Nigeria, With unbeatable pricing, and quality of service
and we offer you the best value for your Naira with regards to web
Phone Number: 08186720792

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: HostSleek Technologies
About Us : We offer Professional and affordable Web Hosting and VPS/Cloud hosting services also include WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and forum hosting with good customer services.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.hostsleek.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08168829681

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: HostamCheap
About Us: We are the Nigeria best web hosting that doesn’t affect your pocket. We accept mobile payment, we give free web application script and FREE domain name.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.hostamcheap.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08034474296

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: GoldonGlove Hostings
About Us: Established in 2009 as an information technology and internet business development company, the company has since then been providing website design, Web content development, online advertising, internet marketing solutions and consultancy services to numerous individuals and companies in Nigeria
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.gghostings.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08067394271

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: TruDigits
About Us (maximum of 3lines):At TruDigits, we take your online success very seriously. We work tirelessly to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.trudigits.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No (Optional): 0803xxxxxxx

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Internet Visa
About Us :Internetvisa is a leading web hosting and other web related provider of personal and business website.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.internetvisa.net/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 07065875062

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Perfect Visual Host
About Us: WE are Nigeria Company dedicated to deliver quality service to clients. The Primary Purpose of our business is to consistently deliver International standard levels of Web Hosting, results beyond our
customer’s wildest dreams and expectations, and value that is so extraordinary people rave about us for years to come.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.perfectvisualhost.com
Phone number: 08034283159

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name : 9ja Hoster
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website : http://9jahoster.com, http://www.9jahoster.com.ng, http://naijahoster.com
About Us: 9ja Hoster aims towards making Web hosting and related service at ease in Nigeria in terms of quality, support, and flexible Price. We offfer domain registration, linux and windows hosting, VPS, Forex VPS, Dedicated Server, Web Design, SSL Certificates and related services. Feel free to contact us for pre-sales inquiries.
Phone Number: 08091820866, 07067458707.

Web Hosting Name: TVCHOST
Company: Integrity Assets Ltd
Website: www.tvchost.com
About Us: We are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations get a viable presence on the world wide web. We build a relationship with our customers that last beyond the completion of their projects
Phone Number: 08080607248

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Nigerian Webhosts
About Us: Nigerian Webhosts specializes in customer satisfaction. Our prices are incredibly competitive and include an extensive list of features including unlimited transfers and the ability to host unlimited domains.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.nigerianwebhosts.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : +234 (0) 808 033 4885

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: LagosHost.Com
About Us: Since 2005, Fast, Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting with Cpanel. 24/7/365 Tech Support via Live Phone, Chat, Email, Ticket System.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.lagoshost.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08023611150

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Aimtech Hosting Co.
About Us: Aimtech is a pioneer reliable hosting provider in Nigeria since 2007; with over 300 happy clients. We have unbeatable support and reliable uptime; with most domain extensions including Nigerian .com.ng’s. We accept ATM Card online payment and you can reach us on Facebook; http:///aimtech and Twitter @aimtech.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.aimtechng.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08025594018.

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Naija best host
About Us: naijabesthost is a pioneer reliable hosting provider in Nigeria since 2011; with over 100 happy clients. We have unbeatable support and reliable uptime; with most domain extensions including Nigerian .com.ng’s.
Website: http://www.naijabesthost.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08099284255.

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Genieslab

About Us :Genieslab rests on the pillars of reliability, integrity and excellent service delivery. We offer scalable and cheap hosting packages that will meet your needs.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: https://www.genieslab.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08098057857

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Web reseller

About Us: We understand that our Clients and Resellers’ success is a critical component of our own success.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: www.hostlinker.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08063386834

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Kayproxy Solutions Limited
About Us: Kayproxy Solutions Limited offers web hosting services on Linux web servers. We are able to provide a complete solution tailored to your needs.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: www.kayproxysolutions.com
Phone Number:08165980152

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: HostGoodies

About Us:Hostgoodies provides a reliable and cheap web hosting services and domain name registration in Nigeria. It also accepts Liberty Reserve as a form of payment. It is among the leading web hosting companies in Nigeria.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.hostgoodies.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 0803 529 2754

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Clue WebHost Nigeria
About Us : We are the missing link to everything good you’ve been missing from your present hosting provider.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.cluewebhost.com/
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08037422174
Email: Info@cluewebhost.com
Address: 82 Ikwerre Road, after UBA, Rumuokwuta Junction, Port Harcourt.

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Havilah Host
About Us : HavilahHost is the cheapest Dedicated server web-hosting company in Nigeria , monthly payment are accepted and payment via recharge cards are allow for your convenience, we provide Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting with Cpanel. 24/7/365 Tech Support via Live Phone, Chat, Email, Ticket System.
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: http://www.havilahhost.info
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 08137843366 , 08055101138

Web Hosting Name: ITOROHOST

Website: www.itorohost.com
About Us:we provide cheap and affordable web hosting to Nigerians. With 99% server up time located in the USA. We are located in surulere, Lagos
Phone Number: 08184825522 , 08024221570

Nigeria Web Hosting Company Name: Ozi-TechHost
About Us : we provide cheap and affordable web hosting to Nigerians.24/7/365 Technical Support via Live chat, Phone, Email, Ticket System. ( Bank transfer, e-payment, Liberty Reserve and Recharge card payments are allowed)
Nigeria Web Hosting Company Website: www.ohwtechnologies.com
Nigerian Web Host Contact No : 07053221116
Email: Info@ohwtechnologies.com
Address: Akowonjo/Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

NB: These Details are For Record Purposes ONLY and DOES Not Endorse Nor Accredit any Web hosting company.

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