Best Ways To Keep Your Employees at your Company

7 Ways To Keep Your Employees at your Company

Are you an employer and you are tired of seeing your employees leave in your face or are you just fed up with having to go through recruitment process every three to four months?

Are you having difficulties keeping your employees at your company? It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way any longer. There are simple but effective ways to keep your employees at your company for as long as possible.

Below are few of such ways:

How To Keep Your Employees From Leaving Your Business

• Allow Employees to Function Independently

One of the best ways to keep people at your company is to allow them to some extent function independently. Give employees a little autonomy over their work space. Some employers monitor each and every thing their employees do.

This is not entirely wrong. But a little trust is important if you intend on keeping your employees for a long time. Allowing them to function independently to an extent makes them feel secure and liable to wanting to prove their worth.

It also gives them that feeling of satisfaction which is way better than having their bosses breathe down their necks every minute.

• Encourage and Support Input From Employees

Employees who feel their opinion and ideas count at their place of work usually find it difficult to just get up and leave. Every employer who wants to keep employees at their company should make it a point of duty to listen to input from employees.

Hear their ideas, create a platform for them to be able to approach you with whatever input or idea they have concerning your company. This makes them feel part of something where they can make a difference.

Therefore, as an employer, no matter how ridiculous an idea may sound coming from an employee, listen to them, and if their ideas are not relevant or feasible, make them see reasons why you cannot implement such ideas.

If their ideas are sound, work on them, apply them or give room for them to try them out. An employee is motivated if he or she notices they can cause a relevant change in their company.

• Appreciate their Efforts

I once worked with an employer who the only time she mentions your name during a staff meeting was to criticize you for something you did wrong. This is something that diminishes work-spirit.

Some employers usually feel the wages they pay their employees is gratitude enough for a job well done. But one thing they fail to realize is simple ‘well done’, ‘great job’ or ‘you really impressed me with this’ goes a long way to motivating an employee to try putting more efforts in their work.

Everyone loves to be in a place where they are appreciated. It is common human nature and every employer who practices this keeps employees for a long period of time at their company.

• Be an Example

Most employers are fond of setting high unachievable expectations for their employees. They expect their employees to reach some goals they cannot attain and when the employees are not able to achieve such, they punish them for it.

This doesn’t help in keeping your employees. As an employer you should serve as a standard for your employees. I know of an employer whose employees are never late, this is because he is always at work at the proposed time the employees are to be there.

If as an employer you cannot set an example for your employees, how do you expect them to believe in attaining the goals you hope to achieve or stay long enough to help in achieving them?

Therefore for every boss who wants to keep their employees at their company, it is important to be an example.

• Create Room for Friendly Competition

Another way to keep employees at your company is to encourage competition among employees. A work environment where workers have friendly competition among themselves keeps them striving to do more and makes them think less about leaving.

Competition increases productivity and creates a friendly environment. Employers should create a situation where employees can compete for benefits, little packages or prizes. This practice makes an healthy environment and an healthy work-environment is one which employees would not want to leave.

• Be Sympathetic

A good employer is one who is concerned and sympathetic towards his or her employee. This makes them feel like part of a family. Celebrate and sympathize with them as this helps in keeping the bond stronger and they end up working for longer period of time.

• Good Communication

Sometimes, the reason some employees quit is because they feel they don’t understand the company they work for. Good communication is vital in every work environment. If your employees do not know what you want from them, how do you expect them to meet your expectations?

It is therefore important for there to be a good level of communication between employees and employers as this increases productivity and understanding in a company, as misunderstanding is one of the prominent reasons some employees leave their company.

Keeping your employees at your company is not an easy task, but applying these few principles sure makes the job easier.

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