Simple Ways to Create Content that Gets Noticed

Innovative Ways to Create Content that gets Customers’ Attention

How to Create Content that Stands Out
With the millions of contents uploaded online every minute, the concern of everyone is how do I get my content to be noticed? How do I get people to talk about my content? How do I get my content to become the current trend? How come it feels as if I am just posting these amazing stuffs and it is not being noticed or appreciated by anyone?

When your content is not getting noticed or getting the desired attention, you derive little or no benefit, no satisfaction, the expected buzz for your business is not forth coming, you are not generating leads and it just feels as if you are shouting out to an empty room with no one to hear you.

What is the way out? How do you create content that gets noticed?

Below are 8 ways to create contents that gets noticed in a busy market:


1. Brainstorm

Every now and then when we think about content marketing or posting contents, several ideas pour into our mind, sometimes they drift through and lasts for just a few seconds.

At such moments, get a writing pad and write your ideas down, no matter how irrelevant or stupid it might seem to you, take it down and then later on go through what you have written down and you will find out you have gotten some really great ideas on writing contents that are bound to get noticed.

2. Choose the Right Headline

The hallmark behind creating contents that get noticed is writing that eye-catching or compelling headline. Remember that time you were scrolling down Facebook and you are like…boring, boring, boring…oh wait! What’s that, I would love to read more… That is the power behind compelling headlines and getting the right compelling headline is one great way to create content that gets noticed.

You could write out a list of headlines for a particular content you are about to post and chose the one you feel would be most compelling to your readers. You could get someone to pick for you too.

3. Be your Greatest Critic

In other to create content that gets noticed, it is important for you to truly think about how others would react to your content. Do not be biased. Choose your messages carefully and imagine you saw such on the internet and determine if it is going to create negative or positive feedback.

4. Bring out a Story from your Story

Another way to create content that gets noticed is bringing out a story that catches human interest. It is important to change that ordinary content you are about to release online to something that other people will find worth sharing by turning it into a great story.

Instead of just writing a content about “learning how to improve your public speaking”, add a story about your experience or that of others to your content as this will definitely help your content to get noticed.

5. Graphics

Another great way to create content that gets noticed is the use of graphics. The use of graphics creates a medium and an opportunity for your content to stand out, be different, interesting and of course, get noticed.

It has been proven that graphics which includes, logos, images, branding among others, get noticed more than words. It packages your content and is one great way to create content that gets noticed.

6. Imitate but Do Not Copy

Another way of creating content that gets noticed is imitating others. Oh, someone has already written something on that great topic you are about to write on, (I wonder if there is actually anything someone has not already written on), it doesn’t really matter.

Write yours and write it even better than what is already available. This attracts people who would want to find out more about that particular content and helps your content to get noticed.

7. Be Authentic

One other great way to create content that gets noticed is being authentic. Authenticity has always been and would always be a winner. To create content that gets noticed, you would need to understand what your audience wants and expect from you.

As long as your audience feel short changed, continuously see low quality content, or find out that your content is no longer entertaining nor pertinent… it takes your content back to that time when you are scrolling through Facebook and nothing catches your attention. Find out what works and what does not, avoid copycat moves and watch how your content gets noticed.

8. Get Feedback

Another great way to create content that gets noticed is by interviewing your audiences which could include your customers, team members or business partners. Ask them to make contributions when creating content, ask for their opinions and apply their suggestions as these people might just have that little ingredient that has been holding back your content from being noticed.

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