Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Business

6 New Ways To Draw Customers To Your Small Business

Marketing Ideas and Strategies To Attract Customers To Buy Your Product
Customers are the reason for business. They are the backbone of every business and so an important part of every business plan is the marketing strategy. No business has ever succeeded without customers.

However, many businesses employ various strategies to attract customers. They spend an awful lot on advertising, on events that attract customers and on various strategies that aim at attracting customers.

In our local markets, we witness traders quarreling because one trader ‘stole’ another trader’s customer. It is a quest for customers in our local markets which our traders engage in vehemently by calling out to customers, dragging them and even taking their wares to them.

If you are having problems attracting customers to your business, this post is for you to read and take action in the steps explained.

This article examines various ways to attract customers. Let us take a ride to Business Street going through the customer attraction lane.

1. Give Them What They Want

No one wants to spend money on what they do not need. Create what they need and give it to them. It is said that business ideas lie within the challenges and problems of people. The creation of a product or service that is aimed at satisfying a need attracts customers.

Customers always look for what they want and so the bane of many businesses is that they don’t offer what people want. They actually assume that what they offer is what people want which is wrong.

A business owner should find out what the people need and give it to them. He can find out by carrying out a survey of his target market. That way, you create market for your business because the goods and services that you provide will be customer specific. This will increase your efficiency as your delivery is customized to suit your customers’ need.

2. Package your Idea Excellently

You might have a good business idea or even a great one with a very bad packaging. Some people say that the outer cover of a product is not as important as what is inside it. We know from experience that it is not true because we have been attracted to a product or service because of its packaging and not the value that comes from actually using the product or the service.

We have also found out in some cases that the products are not as good as the packaging presents it to be. In other cases, the packaging was a pointer to the value of the product.

Packaging an idea is more than the graphic design of a product or a service. It also encapsulates the presentation of the product or service to your customers and the emotions that you provoke in your customers.

3. Reach Out

This is also one great way to attract new customers to your business. You have to go after your customers. In order to do this, you have to use some marketing tools and media. The oldest and one of the most effective methods is ‘word of mouth’ advertisement. It is not overrated and cannot be overemphasized.

Other media include the use of fliers, newspaper advert placement, magazine advert placement, social media, etc. The social media is one of the most influential mediums available today.

It carries information with the speed of a click, the tap of a phone and the press of a button. It is also one of the cheapest mediums with limitless potential. The Social media should be maximized for its limitless potential.

4. Give Freebies

Everyone loves and wants free things. Have a promotion where you give bonuses, discounts and extras. You could also organize free events where you offer trainings, hands on participation and other freebies. This will bring drones of customers.

There are people who would never patronize you unless you give freebies. That would be the center of attraction for them. It leaves a mark in the heart of your customers and leaves them wanting more.

They are endeared to your business. A simple gift or discount encourages your customers to spend more and even brings in those who might have never thought of patronizing you. When they patronize you, they have an opportunity to use your products or services, thus exposing your value to the world.

5. Be Innovative

Innovation is the reigning theme today. Everyone is looking for the latest invention, the latest strategy, the new way that things are being done. We as humans are amazed, intrigued and interested in new things.

Spark the interest of your customers by creating new things. Reinvent the way you do things in your business. Change the look of your business by introducing innovative methods of operations.

Let there be periodical innovations that give your business a fresh outlook and ensures that it keeps up with the trend. Innovation is important in order to keep up with competitors. Competitors who innovate periodically tend to attract most of the customers for the product or the service that you offer.

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