Ways Parents Set their Kids Up for Success


Raising Successful Children
Are you raising your child to be rich or poor? Are you a parent who is thinking on how to set up your kids for success? I know how it feels when you were not brought up that way but you don’t want your kids to go through what you went through.

Parents set their kids up because they want them to do well, stay out of trouble and become successful in life. Every parents want their kids to be successful and also want the best for them, they therefore set them up for that success.

It is not easy mostly in these days where there are lots of distraction coming from the television,
radio, social media and the rest.

There are 10 things parents can do to make their kids highly successful which are:


(1) Responsibility

If parents want to set their kids up for success, they should teach them to be responsible for their actions, this will make them know that whatever they say or do has consequences which can be positive or negative, positive consequence eventually leads to success.

Parents who go easy on their kids and do not discipline them when they do wrong is not setting them up for success.

(2) Life Skills and Values

To setup your kids for success, life skills and values should be shared with them. Teaching kids about life in terms of its skills and values is another way of setting them up for success, teaching those lessons and also domestic chores is also helpful because it sets them up and get them ready for when they will be on their own.

Send them on errands and do not over pamper them, even if they hate you at that period of time, they will even later realize the advantages of what you taught them and they will really appreciate it. A hardworking person is a successful person, and success is the result of being hardworking.

(3) Role model

Parents should be role models to their kids and should also ensure that their kids have good people as their role model, whatever they do will certainly influence how the child will behave.

Kids are very good at studying and imitating people therefore do things that you want your kids to do that will even make them better than you in future, make them independent when they go out which will boost your ego as the parent of a successful person.

(4) Gratitude

Teaching kids to be grateful to those who help them and also to care about others is another way to set them up for success because anyone who shows gratitude and cares about others will be valued in the society which is also an instance of being successful.

(5) Honesty and Integrity

Honesty pays a lot, kids that know their vision are dedicated, who knows the societal and religious values becomes successful in life so if you want your kid to be successful, you should teach and make him or her understand the importance of honesty, integrity, hard work, dedication and so on.

An honest child will later become an adult with a flourishing and successful career, they should also be honest with themselves by evaluating their lives to know where and how they need to improve.

(6) Management

A child who can manage his or her resources well in terms of money, time, etc. is on the right path of success so when they are alone, they will be able to work with aims and objectives and will be able to control themselves because self control is also paramount. Teach your kids about management and self control if you want them to be success.

(7) Coping

Parents should train their kids in a way that they will be able to cope and adapt in any environment or situation they find themselves in because this is a step towards being successful, a successful person will be able to cope, manage and bend any situation to favour and suit them.

(8) Failure

Another way to set your kids up for success is minimizing risk and failure but not eliminating it because failure is a great part of success, even though it is hard for parents to watch their kids fail, you have to do it because failure will build up their character, competence and resilience.

(9) Social Skills

This is also important if you want your kid to be successful, they also need to be socially intelligent. A kid that is socially intelligent will be able to manage relationship with his or her peers, people around him or her and colleagues in the nearest future.

(10) Time and Development

Parents should spend quality time with their kids especially during their early stage in life, make them feel loved and strike a balance in your parenting skills. They should not be pampered or starved of love from their parents, a kid who is shown love will live happily and happiness is success on its own.

Mind you, a happy person is a successful person. A happy kid will be focused and committed, will embrace his or her strength, preferences, weaknesses and dislikes.

Other ways to set up your kid for success is by teaching him or her about tolerance and respect, to tolerate others in the society and respect everyone he or she meets in life, to be fair, friendly and firm in everything.

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