How Much Does a Walmart Oil Change Cost?


How much does it cost for Oil Change at Walmart? Everyone dreams to have a car one day. However, owing a car will definitely come with its own responsibilities. It is not just about acquiring the car and getting the license to drive the car, you need more than that. in the course of driving your car over time, you will definitely incur so many other costs. It is simply the reason why a lot of people consider a car as a liability. One of the costs that you will need to incur over and over in your car maintenance is the oil change.

You can get your car oil change at different stores or mechanic shops, even at Walmart. So we will be discussing the price of Oil Change at Wal-Mart in our article.


Changing of oil in the car is most of the times overlooked by many car owners. If only they understand the level of damage it will do to the car, they will never be negligent to this case. One major damage that infrequent oil change does to your car is the damage to the engine. The engine starts to make a louder sound.

If this is ignored further, the engine will begin to drain up all the oil and that will result in many areas of the engine wearing against each other and getting totally damaged. The best advice you could get in the course of maintaining your car and its engine is to change the oil on a regular basis.

Oil change at Wal-Mart is quite reasonable and affordable to lots of people.


You can get your car oil changed at different auto shops. However, you will only get the best services at Walmart. So if plan to get your oil change at one of the numerous stores located across the country, you might want to acquaint yourself with Walmart’s Oil Change price.

To make it easy for the customer, the price of oil change at Walmart is divided into 3 different packages. Then you are at liberty to select any one that fits your budget.

  1. PIT CREW OIL CHANGE; This service at Walmart costs $19.88 and it includes changing the motor oil, good lubrication, installation of new oil filter, checking of battery and tire performance.
  2. STANDARD : This service at Walmart will cost $29.88 and it includes a standard car oil change with the basic services of a pit crew.
  3. HIGH MILEAGE: This service will cost $39.88 at Walmart and it will include a standard oil change and other services targeted at vehicles that have high mileage.

When you consider having your oil change at Walmart, it is advisable to let them in the know about the car condition and the last time that you had an oil change for the car. This will make it easy for them to give you the best services that your car will need.


So many people have complained that unlike the well publicised oil change prices at Walmart, they eventually paid more than they expected to pay. Why will it be so? When you need to change the oil of your car, there are so many additional costs that will attached to the maintenance cost. This of course will depend on the state of your car and engine.

These are the other costs that you might incur when you plan to change the oil of the car:

  1. ADDITIONAL SERVICE: This is a major reason why you had to pay more when you went in for an oil change at Walmart. The staff at Walmart will give you suggestions of the kind of services that your car will need, but in the case that you want to adhere to your budget, you can make them know about this in a polite manner.
  2. WORSE CAR CONDITION: In a situation whereby the car is in worst condition that it looks like, then you will need to pay more than just the cost of the oil change. You will need to revamp the entire car’s mechanism and not only the intended oil change.


In this modern period a lot of people seek ways to reduce their expenses to stay afloat. You might want to look forward to save some few bucks when you decide to change your car oil. To achieve this, it is well recommended to frequently change the car oil. This will save you damages to the engine that will require you letting go of some cash that could have been useful for other purposes.


Coupons can come in handy and they can assist you to pay ahead for a service that you want to be performed upon your car. If for instance, you are able to present the Oil Change Coupon you will be saving yourself as much as $50 when you pay ahead with the coupon. Coupons can be gotten on Walmart’s website or in newspapers of other promotional materials.

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