Essential Gadgets for a Modern Nigerian Home

Smart Gadgets for a Modern Nigerian Home

Technology, like a flame trailing the path of gunpowder, has rapidly traced its way into an astronomical percentage of Nigerian homes; particularly gadgets that basically serve the purpose of luxury. This is no surprise, it’s the footprints left behind by the quick procession of developing civilizations of the last three centuries.

In fact, in an average Nigerian home, the need for electronic gadgets is prioritized; in sharp contrast to the era when a nice furniture, a generator, a nice grandfather’s clock (that of course doesn’t guarantee a nice time) and refrigerator meets all the basic demands of the home.

This trend is clearly a consequence meted upon the Nigerian society by the dynamic information dispensation it currently experiences. This prompts the necessity for adequate information as regards the essential gadgets for the modern home that intends to keep up the pace of these trends. Below are some of them;

1. Television

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions are now an obsolete commodity in the electronic market; the flatter Plasma have taken over its place in the aesthetic perception of most Nigerians. Even more modern is the High Definition television, which is the fancy of every new generational home within the boundaries of the Nigerian state.

Aside from the appealing look it has, it indeed gives a higher definition to the pictorial information transmission in terms of its high resolution; it almost plays out the transmitted information before you. Even deeply interesting is the ability of some models to use internet connection in streaming more information over the web.

It comes in sizes ranging from 25 inch to as wide as 100 inch, as well as different models like Acer, LG, Sony, and Samsung. And even these models possess a plethora of extra diverse complicated functions you do not find in traditional LCD televisions.

2. Wireless Connection Router

It is not unusual to spend a number of minutes or even hours on the internet each day, in this ICT age; for the improvement of everyday life. Apart from accessing the internet via smartphones and laptops, most homes have installed security systems, alarms, and diverse electronic appliances that work using the internet.

Mom and Dad, as well as grown up kids need to access the internet. Now it would be of maximum efficiency to the home if a WiFi router is mounted in the home, through which each of these electrical wares can easily access the internet without the necessary need of subscribing for all of them individually.

This saves cost and is an efficient data management approach as well, not to mention the high speed internet access that characterizes the router. Most contemporary homes have already bought into this idea, and a phase in the quest of modernizing the Nigerian home.

3. Security Cameras

It is traditional for homes to rely totally on a security agent for safety, it is modern to also employ technology in ensuring safety. The beauty if this idea is that cameras cover a wider range of frequencies than the normal human eyes would do.

In banks, malls, institutions and even homes across Nigeria, CCTV cameras are the order of the day, mounted at strategic locations to optimize its coverage; they serve as watchmen at all times, never weary of carrying out its task provided electricity goes into it. In their different designs and models, they are affordable, and guarantee a higher degree of safety; they also cut down the cost of employing a full fledge security operative.

4. Green Energy

This is the appeal of the world, and many Nigerians are keying into this each day. The solar inverter is literally replacing the usual fossil fuel generators. Members of the public are beginning to realize more and most the financial efficiency of acquiring an inverter, as well as its environmental efficiency in contributing nothing to global warming.

It also has the advantage of not having fluctuations in the power supply, so there is nothing to fear as regards surge in voltage that might affect electrical appliances. One major reason for the promotion of this trend is the unfortunate reality that the state of electricity distribution in Nigeria is in deep ills.

The inverters are not affected by fuel prices or its scarcity (which Nigeria sometimes suffers from despite being a major producer of oil).

5. Good Sound System for a Sound Living

Music, either culturally, or classically is a product of keen value; and this is not less than the truth in the Nigerian society, where music is held of high esteem. A good home theatre gives the home the life it deserves, from quality sounds to a wonderful cinema experience.

One fact is that Nigerians are hard-workers and often demand the most quality relaxation they can afford; this is one of those reachable relaxation gadget that is trending in the homes of most members of the Nigerian society.

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