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Things to Do on Pinterest for Business  – Cost and Strategies

Are you looking for tips on things to do on Pinterest for business strategically? Do you want your business to benefit from Pinterest? Since Pinterest is a nice and effective tool for all sort of businesses of any sizes and sectors.

Either B2B to B2C, there are quite a number of goals you can chase—from driving web and/or foot traffic to increasing the visibility of the blog with influencers, prospects and target audience.

Today, over 30 percent of Pinterest community users are men, and 45 percent of all the users worldwide are from outside the United States. They are not just there pinning recipes and gowns if not it’s found helpful to their business.

Though the likes of Twitter and Facebook; as a social network are great for sharing and adding contents, at the other side here, some businesses can also benefit even more by displaying their visual sides as well on Pinterest.

Below are however, the cool things to do on Pinterest for business that will make sure your business is known by millions of Pinterest users globally who are looking forward to buy and do anything.

The things to do on Pinterest for business goes thus;

1. Get Your Business Account Verified

Discussing about things to do on Pinterest and giving out point like this may seem or look like a no-brainer, but most people do miss out this important step. Since you are dealing with business, you are required to sign-up for a Pinterest Business account.

Verifying your business blog/website lets your users on the Pinterest know that you are for real, in a longer term; your account is official.

The interesting part about verifying your Pinterest page for Business account is that if anyone should share a single or anything from your website/blog, the pin will automatically get tagged together with your logo. Isn’t this cool? it is just an easy and simple step to see users marketing your products just like that for you.

To verify your blog/website, scroll to Pinterest settings then click on the “confirm website.” Once you are being verified, you will gain full access to the Pinterest business analytics, metrics, the rich pins, and the promoted posts.

2. Add the “Pin It” Button

Also, Adding the “Pin It” button to your business encourages your customers, users and readers to pin your products stress free on Pinterest and undoubtedly, this would increase the business visibility.

One easy and sure way to letting your prospects know about your products and feel your presence on social bookmarking site is by adding a Pinterest button. The site has a lots of choices available on its Goodies page; look for the one that appeals you the most.

3. Write a Strong Pin Captions

Another interesting thing to do on Pinterest for business is by writing a strong pin caption. Many Pinterest users do search for information on the platform and as a result of this, pins that brings out the most relevant, informative and valuable information perform the most better on the site.

Of important is it for you to note that many Pinterest users use Android phones or maybe an iPhone to browse, for this reason, only four or five lines of your text will be seen on your descriptions as such, it is very imperative you write a strong caption to arrest and captivate their attention.

4. Pin different Subjects

To use your Pinterest for business, pinning variety of subjects is another thing you are required to do. Most of your followers have wide range and variety of interests, so why would you only present them a few subjects?

5. Build Cordial Relationships with Influencers

Almost every social media platform has influencer who stand solid within their industry. Building a cordial relationship with these influencers figures can bring a great benefit to your business. Use your Pinterest page to search online influencers who have already catch the attention of your target customers and/or audience.

To get started, begin by following these influencers and repin their content you feel. Go further by liking their pins and make a thoughtful comment to encourage relationships that may result in visibility with the new audiences. This can be a very good step in building a relationship.

6. Create a Group Board

Looking for things to do on Pinterest for business? Want ways to collaborate with prospects and clients on Pinterest? Well, create a nice group board and call on different users to pin your board. As the board creator, you are the only person that will have access to writing descriptions and changing the board’s title. An open and clear opportunity to introduce your business to heterogeneous audience.

7. Pin Others’ Pins

Are you aware of the fact that more than 80% of all Pinterest pins were re -pinned? Before you could re-pin, you are to find out what arouse and appeals to your target audience most.

What interests them? What moves them? What also do they need to know more about? Find out and re-pin their pins with desired topics thus, you will be regarded as an expert, professional in your industry.

8. Pin Your Original Content

Don’t be carried away by pinning others’ pins, you need to pin lots of your own content also.

Remember that, your aim is to enable your users to finding out about your business, products and services more. Your followers would want to see that original content of yours which include the new ideas, innovations and services related to your business.

For a better return on investment, adequately pin content that can be easily do-follow or link back to the email opt-in of your page, blog or website, plus your online product page or catalog. It’s absolutely interesting and total buzz kill when a user clicks on your pin just to find out that it is really a dead end.

9. Measure Pin Success with Metric and Analytics

Undoubtedly, Pinterest drives in more traffic than Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined? Do you know the exact traffic your website or blog gets from it? Pinterest Analytics can definitely tell you including the pins and the boards that get the most attention from various clicks and re-pins.

Now, it is over to You. This article has covered a huge territory on things to do on Pinterest for business. The above explained points are just many a few ways to be strategic with the Pinterest and to ensure it work out for your business.

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