How to Use Social Media to Find Employees

How to Use Social Media to Recruit and Hire Valuable Employees

How do you use social media to recruit great employees? Is your company recruiting, and you are wondering, how do I find the best employees or candidates? Are you tired of getting an onslaught of unqualified candidates when recruiting? Do you know you can use the social media to find employees?  Do you want to find great people sooner, and easily weed out unqualified candidates?

Well, the good news is that, social media among its other benefits has fundamentally altered the way job seekers find and apply for work today. So, if you are interested in using social media to find employees, here are some tips:

Using Social Media to Aid in Your Search for Great Employees

Sign up on Multiple Social Media Networks

The first step in using social media to find employees is to open up social media accounts. Open up a website for your company, a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and as many as you can. If possible, make your sure your presence is felt everywhere.

On your company’s website there should be a career section. On this section, job openings would be posted to enable job seekers easily access and apply for jobs at your company. It should also contain your company’s email address where CV’s and application letters could be sent to.

Use of Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find employees on social media and make sure job seekers get to see if and when your company is recruiting. The use of hashtags is amazing because hashtags are no longer restricted to twitter alone but can be used on any social network.

The use of hashtags broadens your potential audience of job seekers and allows people who are not even following you to see your tweets or any message you are trying to pass across. This is because when you click on an hashtag, it shows tweets or posts that have the same hashtags.

To get the right hashtag, pick one that is unique and relevant to your brand, and then when you post about a job on social media, use your hashtag and then add some existing broad hashtags such as #jobs #careers #recruitment, to enable you reach a wider audience. Adding your location and/or career specific hashtags also helps you to reach your target audience. An example of an ideal post will look like this;

#Haansbro is currently #recruiting at our #Lagos industry for #accountants and #auditors…(insert link to your website here)

Enlist your Employees

Another way to use social media to find employees is by asking employees to pass the message across on social media. They could help spread the word about how great working at your company is and what positions are currently open for job seekers. Remember, they should post using hashtags.

Get your LinkedIn all Set Up

LinkedIn is the most professional social network to use in finding employees on social media. After setting up your LinkedIn company page, you need to make it stand out from the thousands of pages out there. First, you start with the text you create on your account to help people find you.

Make it brief, focus on what you want your message to be, and be sure to include keywords that people would use to find your company on Google. When you are done with that, you can take your LinkedIn a notch higher by having a premium account.

This aids you to use advanced search filters to find the best candidates for the position you are looking to fill. You could also create job listings targeted to your region and then add these listings to your page on LinkedIn in order for job seekers to find your job opening.

You could also use LinkedIn’s search tool to search for potential employees. On the search tool, you could type in the description of the candidate you need, and then use ‘advanced search’ to narrow your search results.

Make a Recruitment Video

Another great way to use social media to find employees is to create and share easy employer branding videos. This might seem like a job for a professional, but it actually is quite easy.

A phone with a good camera quality could help you make a good video. All you need is a quiet environment with good lighting. Keep the phone stationary and try multiple takes until you get the right one and then upload online on YouTube, Facebook or other social media.

Do not forget to add hashtags to your video caption as this is very important. You might be at a loss of what the video would be all about. It could about some employees talking about their experiences working at your company, or giving a brief description of what your company is all about and then concluding with the position you are looking for to fill.

In addition to all these ways of using social media to find employees, you could also conduct interviews online using video calls as this saves the stress of searching for the perfect location for interviews and saves money and time, since the online interview can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

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