Understanding Online Marketing

Understanding Online Marketing

I’d like to take the time out to talk about what you’re getting yourself into. Not just what you’re getting yourself into, but what we’ve all dived in to headfirst; the fascinating world of online marketing.

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Let me tell you, since 2001, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen people that seem to know almost everything, I’ve seen friends have amazing successes starting from the very bottom and working their way up. I’ve seen people succeed in achieving their dreams and goals, and I’ve seen people fail and just give up, not to mention, countless methods and guides for success, new systems of all sorts.

Looking back, it’s been one heck of a ride with ups, downs, major ups and major downs. When I first got going with marketing I noticed something a little scary, and that was the high rate of failure. As I progressed building my business, testing my own methods, and moving up the ladder as it were, I started to realize things.

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People were going about their online business totally blind to the fundamental flaws that they were creating for themselves. I started to look back at the people I’d met that had dropped out early on before achieving their goals and a few things started to jump out at me. I then decided that the day that I write an info product, the first things that I’m going to talk about are the fundamentals of business.

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This is a really important section. In fact, I remember back in the day saying to myself ‘When I make it and reach my goals, if I ever write an info product, I’m going to include a report entitled ‘Things I Wish I Knew Before I started’. Everything you’re about to read is very background like information. Things you should always have in your head while working your business. Kind of rules that you shouldn’t deviate from, but aren’t necessarily practical jobs that you can get on with right now.

Everything here I’ve seen and learnt at various stages of my business’ development and would like to pass directly to you before we even get started to provide you with a base for your knowledge. Real facts that you should keep in mind while doing business online, or even offline, if you decide to go that way in the future.

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The Fundamentals of Online Business
The thing with online marketing is that anyone anywhere can start his or her own business. You don’t need a huge amount of cash to put down for a property, and you don’t need to buy stock, or put down a large sum of money for storage, and so on. This is great, but somewhere along the way, the basics of business have been forgotten.

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Of course I won’t bore you and relay everything that I learned in college and university, because to be honest, barely any of it applies to the real world of business. What I really want to get into in this section is you. Why you’re doing what you’re doing, what to expect, and most importantly how to go about this correctly on the ground floor, because of course building a strong base is extremely important for the short term, just in terms of survival, never mind total and utter success.

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One thing that I find with online business is, people see the opportunity there to make a whole load of cash, quit their jobs and live the good life. In a way, this is true, but they forget about themselves. They see the money and their eyes light up. This is why I want to talk about you, what you want and how you plan to get it before going any further.

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