How Much Does Tuxedo Rental Cost?


How much does it cost to rent a tux for an event? Where can i get cheap tuxedo rental near me?

The tuxedo is simply the ultimate piece of formal clothing for more than a century now. The current black formal suit was named after the Tuxedo Park in New York, the place where it was first worn.

Since the invention of the piece, there have been a lot of variations of the traditional dark jacket, bow tie and pants. In this modern day, it is now possible to find a variety of collars, white dinner jackets, long ties and tuxedoes, which all come in varying unique colours and different fabrics.

In the course of this article, we will be discussing on the cost of renting a Tuxedo


When you get an invitation to a party, which could either be a black tie affair or a wedding, you will surely want to look smart and arrive in your best tuxedo. Now the option of whether to buy or rent one now comes in. You might want to consider the pros and cons of renting a Tuxedo before making your final decision.


How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo? The rental cost of a Tuxedo will depend on so many factors. Most importantly is the design you are after and the quality of the fabrics. Another factor that will affect the eventual price of a tuxedo rental will be the location of the designer. It will quite interest you to note that a tuxedo of same quality will have a different rental prices in New York and Hawaii, comparatively.

The minimum cost of tuxedo rental is $70. You might get much more high prices when you decide to go for top designs. This cost will incorporate other accessories such as jackets, pants, shirts and ties. Although you might decide to get this on your own according to what you would like to look like.


Tuxedo rentals suits men who just don’t have the need to wear tuxedos all the time. If you decide to buy a tuxedo, it might be a costly expense if you are just wearing it only once. And when you rent a tuxedo it is very much likely that you find all the accessories included in the package.

But just as it is with the decision to buy a tuxedo, you may be presented with other reasons to rent a tuxedo. You might not want to be committed to just one tuxedo and so you would need to wear something different over the time. Then in this case, tuxedo rentals is well preferable. You have the option to choose a very different look to suit every occasion and time.

The issue of tailoring is also one of the reason why you might want to consider renting a tuxedo. While it might be quite difficult to you when you buy the tux, renting one will give you the opportunity to maneuver the size. If you have the intention to change the size, then it is best you consider renting a tuxedo. Anytime you need a tuxedo, you can rent one that fits you, you won’t get this freedom when you own the tuxedo, as you might be incurring extra costs to alter the size of your own tuxedo.


If you are the kind of individual that their lifestyle goes with wearing a tuxedo on many occasions, then you might consider buying a tuxedo. Well the cost of a tuxedo is about $1000 and since it will cost you about $200 to rent a tuxedo. You will be doing yourself some good buying one since it is very much likely you wear the tuxedo repeatedly.

Another reason to consider buying a tuxedo is the liberty it offers you to choose from different fabrics, designs, lapels or buttons.

You will also be doing yourself a lot of good when you buy a tuxedo as there is a huge probability that the tuxedo will be cut to your size and look so perfectly fit on you. This you might not be able to get with a tuxedo rental.


There are so many places you can look to when you need to buy a tuxedo. In major stores around you, there are various designs that you might want to check out. And mind you, you also have to be conscious of your financial capacity before deciding on checking out your favourite tuxedo in any store.

Another place where you can buy a good tuxedo is over the internet. There are various online stores to check upon and interestingly you can shop based on how financially buoyant you are.

Let’s check out some stores on the internet where you can buy your favourite tuxedos

  1. Macy’s is a favourite stop. On their platform you can tuxedo suit of various designs by top designers. A Tommy Hilfiger will go for about $300 and an Alfani RED can be gotten for about $250. If you have higher spending capability, you can go for their Hugo Boss, which is as high as $800.
  2. The above mentioned designs can also be bought at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.
  3. At Lord & Taylor, you can get a Ralph Lauren Tuxedo for $360

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