How Much Does a Tune Up Cost?

Cost of a Tune-up – Cars and Prices Paid

How much is the average tune up? Is a tune up necessary? Just for the fact that your car is a machine doesn’t imply that it will serve you till eternity. And for the fact that you don’t fix it regularly doesn’t mean that the car’s problems don’t accumulate. When you continue to ignore the signs that your vehicle give to you, there is a high probability that the problems will pile up, which means you will need to pay more money to get these problems fixed.

The set foundation for car maintenance is when you are able to stay on top of the manufacturer’s recommendations on the car’s maintenance schedule. These maintenance activities are what we call tune up and this may include a whole lot of services that will be discussed in the course of this article. So the question to ask now is how much does a tune up cost.


What is a tuneup? What is a tune up for a car consists of? When you purchase a brand new car, it will come with some recommendations by the manufacturer, which you are expected to follow strictly. The manufacturer will provide a checklist of the parts of the vehicle that should be maintained by the year, irrespective of whether they are faulty or not. Since the main purpose of a car tune up is to prevent any unforeseen failure and not to correct them when they occur.


The cost of a tune up can be within the range of $50 to $200. It can even cost more, especially if it’s just for a minimal tune up which will include replacement of the spark plugs as well as inspecting the spark plug wires. A standard tune up cost will be within the range of $200 and $800 and this will include the services of spark plug, distributor cap, wires, rotor, PVC valve replacement. It may also include the services of changing the oil and diagnosis of the fuel, emission and ignition systems, fuel mixture and timing.

The final cost of a tune up will now depend on the cost of labour, which could be within the range of $50 to $100 per hour in a repair shop or $100 to $150 per hour ar a standard dealership.


Just as the way that a human being may require regular checkups to stay in good health, a vehicle’s engine also needs regular maintenance to perform at an optimum level. And since the technology of making vehicles has advanced over the years, tune ups will also advance. But interestingly, some of these vehicle parts are so simple that it is possible for you to carry out the servicing yourself.

You can find below the list of the items that may be include in your checklist if you have the intention to carry out your tune up operation yourself.

  • Replacement of plug wires $50
  • Replacement of spark plugs $50
  • Replacement of air $15
  • Fuel filter replacement $20
  • Replacement of PVC Valve $10
  • Changing of oil and filter $50
  • Mass air flow sensor cleaning $75


In a situation whereby your car needs a tune up, you might wonder where to buy a tune up service for your car. Even as some of the services that are included in the tune up can be performed yourself, it is still best to allow the experts to take care of the most delicate parts of the service.

For the services that you cannot handle yourself, the best option that you have to buy a tune up is at the car dealer that you purchased your car. The next option will then be to consult the local mechanics in your vicinity.

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You will not expect all car tune ups to be of the same cost. There are a whole lot of factors that you will need to consider before arriving at the final cost of tune up for your car and these are listed below:

Make and Model of the Vehicle: The features of a vehicle will determine the cost of tune up for that vehicle. Expensive vehicles will require a higher cost of tune up.

Parts: This is a very important factor that determines the cost of tune up. The parts that need to be adjusted or replaced will determine how much you eventually pay.

Symptoms: Just as we have stated earlier on, tune ups are meant to serve as preventive measures. So in a situation whereby you start to detect some symptoms, it is very much likely that the issue has gotten to a critical stage or level. This will entail a higher cost of tune up.

Labour: the labour cost is also an important part of the tune up cost. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to get quotes from different shops

Car Shop: You will not expect to pay same price at different shops. Some shops are known to charge way higher bills than other. The general thought is that the shop that charges the most always offers the best quality service; well it is now always like that. all you need to do is do more research before finally settling to patronize a particular shop.

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