7 Truths on Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Truth on Why Introverts Make Better Leaders

Have you noticed that introverts are the ones that emerges great leaders in today’s corporations? Has it ever crossed your mind that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and others great leaders are introverts?

Introverts are those who focus on their internal feelings and personalities rather than their external feelings. Introverts belong to the minority group on the society but they are still the most gifted of all which makes them great leaders.

It is believed that the level of your introversion determines the level of your intelligence, as your introversion increases so also your intelligence increases. Introverts make great leaders because they are those who have great ideas and tend to be shy because they feel people won’t understand them.

The common notion is that extroverts make great leaders because they are great public speakers but that is not true because introverts are better at adapting to demands made by different situations.

The truths why introverts are great leaders are:

(1) Prudency

One truth about why introverts make great leaders is their prudency, introverts are very prudent. Introverts tend to weigh the risks of taking chances very well, they ask themselves questions to know if it is the right thing to do or not.

This is an advantage that makes them great leaders. To be a great leader, you should be prudent in decision making, resources and capital.

(2) Owns the Moment

Introverts use their shyness to their own benefit because when they speak, they have the power to make everyone listen and even obey them, this happens because they rarely speak and when they speak, they do it calmly which yields positive result, everyone will even be amazed and look at you in awe when you speak up.

(3) Working Alone

Introverts are okay with working alone which makes them great leaders, leaders should be able to work alone well without anyone’s help or support. As a leader even if they partner with someone else, they will still find themselves in some situations where you have to work alone. Working alone gives them the best opportunity to focus, control and work well.

(4) Humility

Another truth on why introverts are great leaders is because of their humility. Introverts are very humble because they know exactly what their abilities, achievements and weaknesses are and they do not hesitate to acknowledge and accept who they are.

Humility works a long way in helping one become a great leader. Therefore, introverts are humble and also great leaders. They do not underestimate or overestimate themselves, they acknowledge their mistakes, weaknesses, limitations, imperfections and so on. A humble person is open to new ideas and information.

(5) Listens Well

Nothing is better than the ability to listen well to others when talking which is what introverts do, they listen to what others say in social gatherings and think well about it before they say anything.

Introverts listen well and therefore learn lot of things from what others say, they gather information and use it to their advantage which makes them great leaders. If you notice, you will see that people who talks a lot miss lot of information and do not notice even the smallest thing that could help their career.

Through listening, introverts learn a lot, seek content and also get motivated. Introverts do not put themselves in the limelight, they rather stay in the background and listen to people intently because they always have interest in others and what they say and also want to learn from them.

(6) Empowerment

Introverts are great leaders because they listen to what their staff/employees say and also empower them which makes them proactive and set for success. The ability to empower your team, set them for success and help them grow and develop is a characteristic of servant leadership which introverts have.

Introverts as leaders see it as their responsibility to develop and mentor others, you will see that people usually mention successful people and leaders as their mentors. Introverts see mentoring as a responsibility which automatically makes them leaders.

Moreover, introverts does not see mentoring as a form of leadership for personal goal, they rather see it as creating something good for others to emulate to become successful in life.

(7) Preparation

Introverts are very good at preparing for different things and different circumstances. Their ability to make good preparations makes them leaders and also potential leaders. They mostly prepare by researching, reflecting, analyzing, interpreting and practicing things that tends to yield good result for them as leaders.

This preparation enables them to speak and do things rationally and also to create a powerful presence since they know what they are talking about. An introvert will never talk of something he or she is not sure of, they make research and carefully examine things to know what is factual and what is not.

This preparation also makes them have vision of what they plan to achieve and how they will go about it, it also makes them have evidence to back up their stories and messages and also how to accomplish his or her set goals which definitely makes them leaders.

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