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Executive Summary for a Trucking Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your startup trucking business? A trucking business is one which requires a lot of logistics as well as planning. Before starting one, all the necessary requirements especially the most important must be put in place. This trucking owner operator business plan executive summary provides insight on a very important component of the trucking business. With planning as a major requirement of starting this business, the trucking business plan is where everything starts.

We have chosen to focus on an important section of the trucking business plan which the executive summary represents. Getting things right in this section is important to having a well written business plan, and by extension, a well planned business. After putting down a good business plan, implementation is the second most important part of the process. However, we are not interested in the implementation, but on getting things right in the executive summary section.

This article will make available to you a sample trucking company business plan executive summary for guidance on how to produce your own unique executive summary. We begin thus;

The Executive Summary

BGL Trucking Services is a trucking business based in Ohio and providing trucking services to corporate as well as individual clients. Our trucking services usually consist of long haulage. We also carry out intra-state trucking services, although not on the same high frequency as long haulage services which are normally inter-state. To make our services possible, we have fleets of trucks and vans which are used for the purpose of transport.

For the short range services, these are serviced by our vans, while for long range services, our large trucks are used for such purposes. We also offer a comprehensive tracking service which is aims at providing ample security to our clients’ goods. Thus, in the case of any danger, we can easily alert the police wherever our trucks are located within the United States.

Our proprietary software schedules bookings based on a first come, first served bases. We plan on expanding our fleet of trucks to totally eliminate waiting time for our services due to the unavailability of trucks. Bookings are done online or through the phone depending on the choice of the client. We also have a secure payment online portal which can be used to pay for services. However, we also provide a payment option which can be made at our offices.

Our trucking business will be launched with a fleet of 6 trucks which consist of three 12 wheeler trucks and three 18 wheeler trucks. We have plans on expanding our fleet by adding 10 additional trucks to our existing trucks. This would require a substantial investment to be made. To make this possible, funding would come through a debt financing agreement with reputable financial institutions which proven track record. The sum of $900,000 would be raised cover for these expenses.

We have a three year growth plan that will see our trucking business expanding in the long term to open regional bases across the United States. In the short term (1st year), we plan on increasing our patronage in our California operational base. This would be improved upon by opening more business outlets within California in the medium term (2nd year).


We have ambitious plans to compete favourably with already established names in the trucking industry. An important factor which would work to our favour is the wealth of experience possessed by the founder of BGL Trucking Services Mr. Bagwell Donnell who himself is a trucking expert who has helped in setting up 5 successful trucking services for other businesses. This wealth of experience will form the basis for successfully establishing BGL Trucking Services.

Financial Projections

With the rising demand for trucking services across the United States, a research conducted on the level of profitability over a three year period using current economic indices have yielded impressive results. This is summarized in the table below. However, certain uncertainties such as economic meltdown and natural disasters have been discounted at arriving at these numbers.

  • First Year $300,000
  • Second Year $900,000
  • Third Year $1,500,000

Our Keys to Success

We have drawn out important steps to take which would positively contribute to our growth and expansion. These include the creating an elaborate network and communication system between our clients, drivers and our operational basis. This creates seamless communication, therefore eliminating cases of displeasure with services. Others include setting and meeting up with delivery deadlines which would be diligently adhered to.

Only the best drivers with the required years of experience will be hired. However, we feel this is not enough, as these drivers will undergo frequent training programmes by way of refresher courses to update their knowledge on the best practices in driving and also the use of every safety measure to limit accidents to the barest minimum.

We would seek to accommodate our clients concerns and preferences to enable us provide the best services to them. This would lead to the development of trust between us and our clients.

This sample trucking business plan executive summary provides the necessary requirements a good trucking business plan executive summary should contain. Using this sample as a guide will greatly eliminate errors and increase your chances of doing a good work.

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