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Interested in small truck wash business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a truck wash business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

OPEN A TRUCK WASH – Start Truck Washing Business + Truck Wash Startup Costs

Truck pressure washing business
The haulage industry in most parts of Africa and the world is ever growing, the introduction of big industrial sectors like the Dangote Group, the rate at which petroleum products are being consumed in remote locations and the movement of agricultural products from the largely rural sector of most African countries to the few over-populated urban centers have meant that the trucking business continues and would continue to grow in the coming years.

Trucks have become an indispensable part of the business of distribution network all over the world. Consumer goods, industrial equipment and materials and critical fuel transportation would ensure that trucks of all types, shapes and sizes would continue to ply our roads all year round in all kinds of weather condition. This means that the trucks would continue to gather dirt, and mud. No weather condition would produce less dirt, there would instead be different types of dirt on the truck at different times.

Professionals and truck companies clean their vehicles on a regular basis to keep them remove corrosive chemicals that have accumulated on the trucks in the line of duty. This, means that a truck or car wash business would be a lucrative investment with reasonable expectation of financial success and profitability in the new future.

How To Start A Mobile Truck Wash Business

Here are a few foundation steps to take start mobile truck wash business:

Search For A Suitable Location:

Location to be the most important criteria for you to get the mobile truck wash business blooming. If the location is appropriate for the business and the use of trucks, then the chance of success is almost fifty per cent guaranteed.

The places to consider should be in the middle of interstate roads where trucks break their journey every day. Near truck mechanic workshops can also be appropriate.

In most countries, places where truck drivers stop to refuel and do minor maintenance are found on the Expressways and major roads in State capitals. All countries have similar locations where a truck wash business has a great chance to thrive.

The space for the truck wash business should be sufficient enough for trucks to easily move and turn with ease without being stuck in between other trucks and structures especially during peak periods.

Register Your Business Preferably As A Limited Liability Company:

Plan on registering a limited liability company for the operation of the truck wash business. This would ensure that your liability is limited to the assets of the business and your personal assets are protected from the consequences of a truck accident on your business premises.

Organize your location:

You have to organize your truck wash location, designate a particular area to wash the trucks, the entrance and exit paths. Make sure that the entrance and exit paths are not the sane to avoid traffic. Create ramps for easy access to the underside of the truck for lubrication and washing.

Also consider the locations for your equipment and materials used truck wash business on the premises and set these out also. It is advisable to build a roof over the washing area so as to be protected from harsh weather conditions when washing the trucks.

Acquire Equipment And Supplies:

Having designed and organized your space, get needed equipment and supplies. You would need the following equipment and materials among others:

· Power or pressure washing machine with extended hose
· Ladders
· Scrub brushes
· Vacuum cleaners
· Cleaning chemicals
· Water de-ionizing system

If like to use the scrub and rinse two-step method, make sure you add acid-based soap and alkaline neutralizer among your materials as it helps to remove heavy dirt and grime from the trucks.

Establish A Financial Framework For The Business

It is necessary to open a merchant corporate account with a bank in the name of the business so you can take both credit and debit card payments. You would need Point-Of-Sale (POS) machines on your premises. Some large company’s drivers are required to make payments by credit or debit cards. So you would need to accept payments through debit or credit cards. This increases your customer base and makes sure that you do not lose any customers. This method of payment helps to prevent robbery attacks and fraud among employees.

Provide professional outfit for your employees that have your company badge or logo:

At many car wash sites across the nation all you see is wretched looking boys or men who really appear scary. provide uniforms for your employees, it makes the employees and your business look professional and your customers are comfortable in your premises. It would also indicate the level of seriousness of your operations. In case you are washing the truck yourself, you too should wear a uniform that gives professional outlook.

Put Up Your Signpost And Start Marketing And Washing:

Set your business signpost in a strategic location, a place where it attracts a lot of customers. It should be in an area where truck drivers pass by or stop by daily for them to be aware of your business.

Try different forms of advertisement – telling people, distributing posters, handbills, advertising in various newspapers. Let your service be quick and efficient especially to your first customers as it makes your customers loyal and they also refer other truck drivers to you.

To end it all, It is possible to start a truck wash business on any scale either big or small. People who have a large amount of capital can start the truck wash business on a large scale an any location of their choice with sophisticated equipment. People with low capital are not left out as they can also start the business with few materials and continue to expand. For mobile truck wash business plan, truck wash business proposal and updated truck wash business plan, click here

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