Best Private Wealth Management Firms – Top 7 Companies

Top Private Wealth and Investment Management Firms

Are you looking for top private wealth management companies? You don’t need to stress yourself further, here are the best private investment management firms according to findings and research conducted.

Haven’t surf the net incessantly, I thereby present to you the private wealth management firms that made it to the top flight.

List of Top Private Wealth Management Firms: Ranking

1. Bank of America global wealth and Investment Management.

This top wealth management company was ranked as the number one based on clients asset in America in 2012. It had a U.S private clients asset of $950 billion and about 16,897 wealth managers in its care.

Bank of America global wealth management firm practices the great act of delivering a full and high range of financial services to any affluent clientele as a financial firm or consultant, so that the financial goal of the clientele could be achieved.

As one of the largest private wealth management firm, it specializes not only in wealth management but also in trust services, estate planning, banking and crediting, investment, retirement and hosts of others. Bank of America global wealth and investment management therefore has over 800 offices across the United States.

Visit them on and for partnership or banking with them.

2. Credit Suisse

When talking about one of the best private wealth management firms, Credit Suisse impact can never be over emphasized with client’s assets of $88.1 billion and over 417 wealth managers in its possession.

These wealth managers meet with the private body or individual and discuss over the financial goals that is of interest to the client and would love to attain. Then, they (i.e. wealth managers) reason and puts together an ideal investment strategies or plans to help such individual to achieve his goals.

However, Credit suisse as over 17 branch offices and they can be reached online on Other credit suisse wealth management firm areas of specializations include philanthropy and entrepreneurship, investment management and advice, family office service etc.

3. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Morgan Stanley wealth management firm was ranked second based on the total number of client’s assets in United States in 2012.

The private clients assets under it care was calculated to be $780 billion with nothing less than 16,321 private manager and 676 branches across the state. The wealth manager help in managing the client’s money, assets and invests on them in the investment products that suits and make senses for the client so as to make huge profit in return.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney private wealth management however incorporated the following services into its investment management firm and they are; asset allocation, retirement and estate planning, private placement of traditional and alternative investment and basically the pool of ‘risk’.

4. Goldman Sachs

This is another top notch private investment management firm that deal with managing private wealth. It has over $208.3 billion private client’s asset to its name and $10 million in its minimum account.

Goldman Sachs wealth management company has 400+ manager and each of them has 20-30 clients at a time. Apart from wealth managing, Goldman Sachs company also does financial planning and trust services, deposit taking, lending, risk managing and others.

5. BNY Mellon wealth management

This wealth managing firm is also of high hierarchy based on US private clients asset ranking dated back. BNY Mellon company has an incredible record when it comes to clients per manager; without mincing lane and much ado, its wealth managers are 858 in total of which each of them attends to 50-75 clients all alone.

Other BNY Mellon’s company areas of specializations are; wealth and estate planning, private banking, planned-giving service, family-office service and so on.

However, BNY Mellon wealth management firm has 37 branch offices and its web address is

6. JPMorgan

JPmorgan is another high ranking Private wealth management firm that practices investment advisory cum portfolio management, risk management, financial planning and other aggregated financial related issues or services for private individuals, not for trusts, cooperation, association or other forms of clients.

This wealth management firm has private client’s assets of $557 billion, 1,590 wealth manager with which each of them all handle 27 clients under it roof. It has 75 branch offices and its official web site page is

7. Citi

Citi is another private wealth management firm that help Private individual to solve and enhance her financial situation towards achieving her short and long term goals on financial issues with the help and aid of its financial advisers or wealth managers.

Citi management firm has $82.5 billion private clients assets registered to it care and over 494 wealth managers. Other Citi wealth management services include investment finance, banking, trust and estate planning, global investment advice etc.

Conclusively, large banks, financial institutions and brokerages houses provide various kinds of investment products to individuals, although some or majority of this private individuals and body lack the effort, time or knowledge to run and manage their assets and or finances successfully.

To sum up for what they may be lacking, it is ideal and encouraging if private individuals can seek the consultation of wealth managers in those aforementioned private wealth management firms who specialize in managing the finances of private individuals, it will be super cool, I guess!

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