Top Article Marketing Secret – What You Should Know To Make Money

Effective Article Marketing Strategies that Work

It’s possible to write a high quality article in 7 minutes. It has nothing to do with ability or talent. It’s simply a matter of “assembly line” methodology. I will give you the methodology in this post.

When I refer to writing an article in under 7 minutes, I’m talking about an article around 400 words, meant to be a general guide for the reader, to entice them to want to seek more information, and follow the links/resources that are provided. I am not referring to an article designed to grab your readers by the eyeballs and make them jump up and down, excited because you have unveiled the biggest secret in the world. No. That’s what the sales copy and the information product are supposed to do! 🙂

All kidding aside, what this guide will teach you to do will be sufficient to become an expert at “bum marketing”, or use articles to drive traffic back to your site, or a site of your choice. Besides that, it will offer the “got to have cash tomorrow” crowd a way to get some money fast. Most people are happy to pay money for the articles I write. In fact, I know I am severely under priced for the quality I deliver, because no one has ever complained about my price!

So you can use this process to start cranking out ghost-written articles for cash right away. I want you to know I don’t always write an article in 7 minutes. However, I almost never write an article in more than 10 minutes, when it is around 400 words in length. And sometimes it’s even faster than 7 minutes.

However, if it took you even 10 minutes to write an article, let’s do some math. If you were writing them for someone else, and getting paid $4 per article, you could make $24 an hour. It will not make you rich, but it’s better than what most people make. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home. $4 an article is cheap. You can charge a lot more than that. Also, you can write articles for yourself, and with the right keyword selection and proper business model, I have found that each article makes me around $5-$20 depending upon the niche, keyword selection, and a lot of factors that are out of my control. The only downside is that it takes a while to see a return.

To sum it up, article marketing is a good way to start making money right away, or to start building your own business up, in terms of valuable content and traffic. It’s not the end-all solution, but it’s a great way to start the journey to creating a successful online business. Let me conclude this introduction with this thought. Willie Crawford released a book called “20 ways to make $100 a day on the Internet”. Here’s my schedule. From 6 am until noon is when I try to reserve time to write for clients. Even on a bad day, I always make over $100 just for writing for others. That leaves me to do whatever I want after lunch. Usually that’s writing more articles for my own businesses, or taking my money and investing it into other resources to help me build upon my businesses. You can use article marketing as a business model itself, or a way to build up your capital to create an even more profitable business model.

I’m on pace to make $52,000 this year, just from article marketing. It won’t be enough for me to post cool pictures of cars and houses on a sales page. But it’s more than my mom or my dad make in a year. And I’m a young kid who dropped out of college. Go figure. What can it mean for you? Well it depends on what you do with it. But I’m sure you can come up with a whole list of enticing ideas on how to cash in on the ability to write an article in less than 7 minutes!

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