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We approach different types of marketing in different ways and manner. When we are talking about mortgage broker marketing, we’re talking about something that isn’t typically won’t be thought of as innovative. It is known to be mostly based on traditional advertising methods. In addition, it is often not very interactive.

Actually, marketing automation gives mortgage brokers the chance to create automated messages that are based around each client needs and feedback too.

Here are some ideas that centers on engaging clients and boosting loyalty and at the same time reducing one’s workload.


Pause. Irrespective of where you presently are in your email marketing process, you should pause and take a few minutes to assess its effectiveness.

While gazing at what you do, you need to ensure that the content you are sending is personal (and also something that the recipient wants to read). The simple reason many aren’t achieving the desirable result with content marketing is because they are trying to sell to their audience instead of helping them. When you keep sending consistently compelling timed emails to your audience, you get branded as an industry expert. Additionally, your name will remain inside their inboxes and inside their memory.


Definitely, any business owner that isn’t active on social media is really missing out on the opportunity to connect with new potential clients. Social media is actually a nice way one can show his knowledge as a mortgage broker (show one is an authority in anything that has to do with mortgage). And additionally, social media is a nice way to connect with other businesses in the community and build brand awareness and lots more.

For your effective mortgage marketing, one social network which should be given lots of attention is facebook. And while promoting one’s brand on facebook, we all should know already that facebook has reduced organic posts from business pages in the News Feed. Therefore, you need to spend some little money to get guaranteed exposure.


Mobile is getting more and more popular. Many internet users do visit the internet with their tablets or Smartphone. It is reported that like 66 percent of emails are opened on a phone or a tablet. Therefore, mobile matters a lot.

If you are a loan officer, you can actually benefit a lot from having responsive websites. This will be so useful when it comes to constructing an overall professional brand image. When your website is responsive, no matter the screen size, the content and the design can adapt correctly and can definitely be read on any device (adjusting the navigation buttons on smaller screens to make them finger tab-friendly). Either you create your website yourself or you hire someone to do it for you, ensure you test each page on multiple browsers and device types too.


For every brand in any industry and niche, graphics are very important because they speak a lot about the brand. Before someone have the chance to meet you, using the right or wrong graphics can influence the person’s opinion about you. While choosing your images, you need to choose wisely, keeping in mind that your customers relate better to pictures of actual people.

As a loan officer, you might consider this: instead of using corporate art that represents general business concepts, simply use images that relate to the city you are in. And if the photos of your office are older than two years, simply hire someone to update them for you.


You need to ensure you track your online leads in detail with the aim of connecting with them personally. If a lead visited your website and didn’t even leave his or her contact information, one can still gather a lot of information about the person.

Lead tracking follows a lead and tracks where they come from. Then, it records things like links that are clicked and others. The thing is, it builds up a very detailed personal profile for each lead. Thus, even if a lead that visits your site failed to drop their email or the phone number before leaving, you can still have their information and then reach them out. And generally, when you keep gathering online data constantly, you learn which parts of your website get the most attention so that you can go ahead optimizing the site.

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