Top 5 Best Paid Android Apps For Bloggers

5 Must Have Blogger Android Apps

As a blogger, one need to stay connected and updated regarding the latest trends in the blogosphere. Not merely in the blogosphere as a whole, but also (especially) inside your own niche. And nowadays, we aren’t limited to just desktops and laptops computers alone. In fact, our Smartphone are useful computers which we can carry with us anywhere we go.

Now, if you are an Android user, here is a list of five PAID useful apps for bloggers that will help you maintain your blog using a mobile device and get things done even when you’re away from your computer. You know, there are tons of free apps, but let us see those paid ones that really worth their price tags.

1.UberSocial for Twitter:

Social media contributes immensely to the success of most (if not all) successful bloggers I know. As a blogger, social media should be very close to you. You are required to be functioning on Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One social media that can contribute to your success as a blogger is Twitter. And this app is a client for the popular social network, and has a handful of very special features with which you can, among other things, create special circles for your best friends.

UberSocial for Twitter is a very comprehensive app that offers enough features and customization options to satisfy even the most demanding users. With the app, you can have a sort of ‘favourite users’ among the people you follow. This allows you to be even more aware of any tweets, which is particularly useful for anyone who follows more than two hundred people.

The app also offers the possibility to manage multiple accounts from the same application, different options for uploading photos, as well the ability to stop reading a user´s tweets without having to stop following them.

The app presently cost #994.81 on playstore.

2. Tape-a-Talk Pro:

An app that records audio is very important for bloggers. This app can be used to make note-to-self reminders or record an interview with an authority figure in your industry. Apart from recording, Tape-a-Talk has the functionality of uploading your recording to several services once the recording is completed. Though it has a free version, the paid version, which presently costs #222.28 on playstore, comes with basic editing features such as cut, repair and rename.

Tape-a-Talk Pro is a high quality voice recorder designed for simplicity and is able to record voice notes/voice memos/audio even when the display is off (plus it is FREE OF ADS)

But before you buy, here is a message from the developer:

‘Before buying, try the ad supported version called “Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder”. You are responsible for checking whether the app will work on your phone or not (by testing the free version), otherwise you possibly spend your money and find out it does not work.’

3. iA Writer:

This app is a text editing app. This app is kinda special. Know why I said that? It’s because iA Writer is one of the most well known text editing apps on Apple platforms and it finally made the jump to Android earlier this year. iA Writer is the best markdown editor available and the Android app is worth getting if you edit text on the go or just enjoy writing on your Android devices.

Sure, as a blogger who write your own unique contents, this app will be appropriate for you. Presently, it cost #1,011.19 on playstore.

4. Battery Widget Reborn:

Most Android phones display the battery percentage in the status bar but none of them shows you detailed graphs and stats the way Battery Widget Reborn does. But this app lives in your notification shade, and can be expanded to reveal a graph of battery usage and various battery statistics.

Battery Widget Reborn app isn’t just a widget but also a functional app with battery history and more.

5. EveryPost For Android:

Everypost for Android is the social media publishing tool most acclaimed by content professionals and social marketers. Everypost is the easiest way to create, customize, schedule and post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Linkedin, tumblr, and many others social networks. With Everypost, you can manage your Facebook and Google+ pages and also your Linkedin

Content professionals and social marketers are using Everypost to publish their content in multiple media platforms, amplifying their reach to more channels and audiences. It doesn’t even matter the format of the pictures and videos, or the length of the text, Everypost makes it possible and in an easy way. Everypost provides a unique functionality that allows to post content without having a 140 characters restriction companies. And for just less than $9.99, you can unlock premium features. Upgrade and enjoy unlimited page changes and unlimited scheduled posts and start improving your Social Media Marketing across multiple channels at once!

See it main features:

– Search and curate content from Youtube and Flickr.
– Compose your posts and schedule them to send it later.
– Publish media content like text, photos and videos
– Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and tumblr
– Send your posts via Email. Select contacts from your address book or do it manually.
– Ability to post to Facebook pages, Google+ pages and Linkedin companies
– Sort your preferred channels
– Trending topics #hashtags
– Mentions on Twitter
– Photo quality settings
– URL shortener
– Twitter text shortener
– Ability to choose your Pinterest boards
– Ability to choose your Tumblr blogs
– Ability to choose your Google+ circles
– Save posts, photos and videos in Dropbox
– Unlimited postings
– Landscape and portrait mode
– Designed and available for tablets too
– Group Management (available for Plus and higher plans)

So, as a blogger considering which apps to purchase, you can give these a try. And, Grow!!!!

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