User Generated Content Marketing Ideas

How To Get User Generated Content Marketing Ideas and Trends For Campaigns

You should be familiar with user-generated content (UGC) marketing. Records have it that it all began with the advent and subsequent adoption of such digital applications like Instagram, VSC0, and Afterlight. These are tools that are known to empower everyday consumers to design and distribute images of high quality.

And today, UGC is actually considered to be a strong source of marketing ammo for brands. This is in large part because of what these images tend to achieve (brand affinity, engagement and boosts in on-site awarement metrics like pageviews and the rest).

There are some researches you should love. It was revealed that iOS and Android owners take an average of 150 new photos per month (that amounts to about 5 photos a day). Again, on average, women are said to take 47% more photos than men (and female iPhone users under the age of 25 take 250 photos every month). You see, there are many factors that has made User Generated Content Marketing an important aspect of business promotion. However, at the end, it is about the ability to capture an unscripted moment, creativity, authenticity, and perspective.

Either you are a global retailer or a local business, you sure can utilize UGC to bolster your brand message and connect with your customers and even celebrate a handful of your most influential fans. And here are some ideas you can incorporate into your User Generated Content marketing strategy:

Best 10 User Generated Content Marketing Ideas That Works

1. Audit Existing Fan Photos:

Before anything, ensure you do your homework diligently. Look at what type of content your customers are sharing organically. You can perform a simple search on instagram to determine this. You can use the search by location (using instagram’s geography tags to pull in images that were shared in one of your own physical locations). You can even use the search by hashtag method (starting with your brand’s name or a campaign hashtag or a popular product that is top of mind.

2. Identify Consumer Trends:

Truly, the culture of our core audience becomes evident when we look at all of our customers’ photos in aggregate. Again, when analyzing the types of photos your customers are sharing, consider such things as the class of people that are most likely to share content about your brand, what they are sharing photos of, etc.

3. Adopt A Selfless Hashtag Strategy:

You need know that the User-generated content marketing isn’t just about you. It’s about your customers. It is about how they use our products and relate to our brand. Thus, while our customers may feel inclined to tag an image with hashtag of our brand name, we might have to create and promote a personal actionable hashtag that brings the focus back to the fans.

4. Promote Strong CTAs In Key Locations:

Don’t just expect some mysterious things to happen to your hashtag overnight. Encourage your fans to use your hashtags when sharing branded photos by placing strong calls to action in places where customers are most likely to engage with your own content.

5. Add Signage In Your Stores:

Actually, in addition to social and digital CTAs, you ought to consider interaction with clients at one of the significant juncture of the customer journey (which is in your physical stores).

6. Host An Event:

Even though UGC is an effective way to create awareness around products, it actually requires that brands place a lot of trust in their fans. To scale your UGC strategy and control the environment, host an event.

7. Tap Into Influencers:

Actually, digital and social influencers are viewed as leaders among their social circles. Traditionally, they have large fan bases and attractive photo galleries. Consumers who see these images are sure more likely to join the conversation by also submitting snapshots.

8. Design A Contest:

With UGC, frequently, the behavior is organic. It is known to represents the brand without bias (which is why it feels so authentic). Encourage this behavior by analyzing the kinds of images that are already surfacing related to your brand (after which is to set up a targeted contest that conforms with and builds on those preferences)

9. Position UGC As Social Currency:

Small offers as discounts and free samples can be used to drive participation.

10. Feature Your Customers’ Photos On Your Website:

This is self explanatory. It is a good way to give customers the social recognition they desire and deserve. You are even helping shoppers to draw connections between images and products.

Remember, UGC can be a creative rewarding way to enhance your brand. Utilize!Tags: user generated content in destination marketing organisations websites, user generated content marketing definition, user generated content marketing case study, user generated content tourism marketing, user generated content social media marketing

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