Top 10 Skills for 2020 – High Demand Work Skills for the Future

10 Most Important Work Skills for 2020 that will thrive in the Future

Do you have the top skills that will be at high demands in 2020? What will be the top skills that every employer will be looking for or will be at a high demand that someone can charge very high fee for?

The world of work is changing and if you don’t follow the trend, you will be left behind in terms of acquiring the needed skills that everyone will be very able to pay reasonable sum for. In four years from now, the skills that are of high demand now will fall drastically in terms of demand.

The different skills deemed necessary in the business world do not only revolve around a specific function, but also in day to day life. Since there are a number of tasks involved in making a corporation successful, it is important to have what it takes to perform these tasks efficiently.

Here are top 10 skills for 2020 that anyone who wishes to be a part of the business world must possess:


1. Communication Skills

In any relationship, being able to communicate effectively is very crucial. This skill will be highly needed four years from now since it has now becoming very competitive for brands to effectively communicate their message to potential customers in this noisy environment (online and offline).

These communication skills include negotiation, change management, selling, and buy-in.

2. Leadership Skills

Another top skill that will be in high demand in 2020 is leadership skill. Since business involves handling and dealing with people, one should have what it takes to be a leader. A leader should be able to command respect and commitment not only for him or herself, but also for the business in general. A good leader makes good workers, which are assets to any kind of corporation.

3. Critical Thinking

Being able to think and provide a suitable solution to a problem in times of pressure is a skill that will be of high demand. If you are a person that can use logic and reasoning to analyze a problem and provide profound solution, you will be highly needed by top organizations in years to come.

4. Social Intelligent Skill

This is a skill that is gradually gaining attention presently. Companies are ready to pay high fee for anyone who can be able to connect with other in a deep and direct way.

Robot may be able to do a lot of jobs but they can’t still be able to read human’s emotions and mind the way human will do it. Social intelligent involves someone who can sense the thinking of customers or clients in a way that can help businesses meet the needs and desire of potential customers.

5. People Management Skill

Statistics has shown that this will be a highly sought skill in 2020 in the power and media industries.

The ability to handle, motivate, develop employees and identify the best people for a job is very crucial if you want to be a highly paid expert in your chosen field.

Management is the complex art of getting everything done effectively and efficiently with the aid of employees to which a manager must delegate tasks.

6. Judgment and Decision Making

This held number 8th position on the world most needed skill in 2015 and report has shown that it will move a bit forward to number 7th position by 2020.

Are you good at decision making or passing profound judgement on a situation?

7. Collaboration with Others

Are you good working as a team in an organization with people you don’t know? Companies knows that people need to work as a team for the company workforce to move forward in productivity and efficiency.

If you have the ability to work productively, engage with others and produce a desire results needed, then, you are good to go for 2020. If you are able to collaborate with people to produce a desire result but can only do that on your own, it is advisable to start working on that weakness now if you want to be highly sought after.

8. Service Orientation Skill

Business are always looking for ways to provide good customer services to their customers with ease. If you don’t want robot or automation software to take over your space, you need to have service orientation skill.

9. Organizing Skill

In spite of the fact that there are individuals who find order in their own mayhem, it is best to keep up a sense of organization with one’s assignments so as to accomplish better outcomes. This is the thing that works for greater part of the majority. Knowing how to arrange everything can help one boost the possibilities a business brings.

10. Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is the capacity of being able to consider numerous ideas all the while. It wasn’t even a popular skill in demand in 2016, yet will turn out to be more essential amid the following four years.

According to the report on the top 10 skills for 2020, respondents said that an extensive range of employments will require a more elevated amount of subjective capacities—which include creativity, logical thinking, and problem sensitivity—as a major aspect of the center expertise set.

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