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What are the best music blogs in Nigeria? “If music be the food of love, play on.” This statement was made by Duke Orsino, a character from ‘ The Twelfth Night’, written by Williams Shakespeare. In the play, the Duke sought comfort in music, because his romantic advances to Countess Olivia had largely been rebuffed. So he toyed with the idea that an excess of songs and melody, might liberate him his obsession with love.

A similar narrative can be advanced for the average Nigerian. His cumulative national experience right from independence has, to say the least, been unsavory. In recent times, especially with the return to democracy in 1999, his/her expectations have been met by unfulfilled promises and despair.

From mind-boggling accounts of massive plundering of public till, to decrepit infrastructure, to youth unemployment and the Insurgency of Boko Haram in the North-east, Nigerians have, over the years, sought ways and means of channeling the energies and attention from these saddening indices to other interests/activities.

Music is one of them. And it’s great appeal derives from the fact that a good number of musical acts, infuse into the lyrics of their songs, the day-to-day experiences of life and living in Nigeria. So whether the song is about the rising cost of living, the actions of unscrupulous compatriots abroad, to the dream of attaining wealth and prominence, to the wooing of a lady, many Nigerians find that music provides a relatable basis for them to place in context, their  socio-political and economic existence.

In the light of the above, the following cool musical blogs have tapped into that energy and provide an array of servings, which appeal to a broad spectrum of the Nigerian society. Here is a list of the most popular Nigerian blogs that promote, share and update foreign and indigenous (yoruba, ibo and hausa) music :

List of Nigerian Music Blogs

This is a music streaming platform that offers a wide range of music genres. A unique appeal of this great music blog in Nigeria is that it is suited for mobile phone users and one can get to play/listen to songs directly from one’s mobile phone.

Apart from their diverse offering of old and contemporary musical Nigerian collections, the new music blog has a vision of showcasing emerging artistes, by advancing their works via TV
Interviews, shows and concerts.

A fairly recent entrant into the music blogging scene, prisoner of offers visitors the chance to directly download their favourite Nigerian songs. It does not bore users with audio tags and the blog also serves as a platform for the commencement of the careers of new musical talents.

A good blog for unlimited music downloads that offers a rich bouquet of musical offerings ranging from reviews for songs and albums, interviews with practitioners and downloads of trending songs. The mp3 music blog has evolved to such an extent, that it retains the most premiers and the exclusivity of songs.

In addition, has available, an online music store, where one can buy Nigerian music albums via the web. The owner is one of the best music bloggers in Nigeria for now.

Compared to most other free music downloads blogs, the blog readily loads and has a simplistic overview. Navigating through the site is made easy by various tabs and headers, which point visitors to their enquiries/destinations.

The editorial page of this blog on music provides insightful analysis, of the music industry in Nigeria and abroad. Alexa, the top global sites analyzer, rates as the premier dedicated music site in Nigeria.

This another latest music blog that has taken great strides to offer a navigable and easy-to –use platform, for music lovers across Nigeria. Well defined headers/tabs guide visitors to the influential classical and hip hop music blog. A notable feature of 360nobs, one of the biggest music blog is a musical rating chart, which is updated regularly.

Additionally, the foreign and local music blog to listen to music free also serves as a pad for new artistes, to showcase their talents to a national and global audience. It is reputed that this blog about music has the largest ensemble of Nigerian songs.

The blog prides itself as being among the trail blazers, in the music blogging scene in Nigeria. It enjoys favorable mention from Alexa. A bubbling under feature helps showcase upcoming artistes and musical also runs a music store, where one can purchase music albums.

This blog on music boasts of rich repertoire of popular and trendy Nigerian songs and tunes. It cuts straight to the chase, for those that want only songs and nothing more. It has a very active commentary section that ensures visitors can feel the pulse and gauge the acceptability of music, across various audiences.

This blog affords users a rich experience, surfing through its offerings. From hip musical videos to relevant entertainment news, is holding its head above the waters in the music blogging community in Nigeria.

This is a Nigerian music blog whose mission statement is to offer dedicated music from Nigeria, to people who are wired differently and desire a break from the norm. A strong feature of is its current range of the latest in contemporary Nigerian music. It also offers free, legal downloads and a musical chart list that is updated regularly.

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