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Looking for the best health blogs in Nigeria? It is often said that health is a wealth, and this is one of the  few reasons while many health blogs in Nigeria depict the premium placed on wellness and well-being. Health is often viewed as the perfect state of man in terms of his mind, body and soul. The pillars of wellness also include mental sharpness and acuity. Indeed, a major component of the indices of living for many a nation is predicated on the well-being of their citizenry.

Developed and developing nations are classified based on a wide range of underlining factors such as reach of and access to affordable healthcare, availability of qualified healthcare practitioners and equipment, enabling healthcare laws and policies, rural health care, research institutes and availability of research grants.

The efficient and effective use of these parameters, has ensured that a number of developed countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, have successfully driven into extinction, a number of diseases and ailments. The healthcare delivery system in Nigeria leaves a lot to be desired. Government funded Medicare is besotted by poor infrastructure and a dearth of adequate medical professionals.

Private medical care is usually pricy and beyond the reach of the generality of the population. Another worrisome dimension to the health sector in Nigeria, is health care tourism. This happens when Nigerian travel out of the country, to seek medical attention abroad. This phenomenon has been a drain of our scarce forex and engenders the outflow of Nigerian medical professionals.

Recently, Polio-a debilitating childhood disease- was only just eradicated in the country, thanks in part to the collaborative efforts of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Infant and maternal mortality rates in Nigeria are still among the steepest, globally. However, reforms are beginning to trickle in. The newly elected Central Government has pinpointed transforming the health sector, as a major plank of its agenda of change.

Critical to this thrust is the establishment of 10,000 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) across the nation. In addition the government plans to increase sector funding and ensure that medical personnel receive quality training and re-training.

The following Nigerian top ten health blogs are currently following developments in medical care, with keen insight and expert opinions. These blogs proffer tips on healthy living, news on recent breakthroughs in patient care, diet regimes and other relevant sector problems.


This is a Nigerian health blog that receives great reviews because  it offers quality content on fitness, medicine, dental services, cancer treatment, physiotherapy and other health associated problems.

A stellar medical information site, that provides insightful analysis  on health news, health tips, health information technology, advanced medical research, health systems and gives constructive opinion on health policies and laws in Nigeria.

Established in 2009, the Nigerian Health Journal offers well articulated features, special reports and insightful interviews with health practitioners and policy makers, on contemporary health issues.

This Naija health blog site prides itself on providing an intellectual and stimulating platform, from which issues surrounding health and its delivery in Nigeria, can be thoroughly analyzed and debated.

This Nigerian medical blog is administered by a group of medical students, who are the eyes and ears of the future of the medical profession. It comprises post on health issues, inspiration and positivism.

The bog provides a robust platform for the examination and analysis of the health sector in Nigeria. It features news posts on interviews with stakeholders in the sector, wellness tips and a whole lot more.

The blog provides a commentary style platform that allows the engagement of medical professionals. It also  features exciting blog posts, from seasoned administrators and practitioners. At the height of the ebola epidemic, it played an active part, in disseminating needed information about the disease.

This site prides itself on offering practical, do-it-yourself, actionable information for all who seek to improve their health and mental well-being. The site is well structured and engaging; featuring posts about eating healthy, exercise and fitness tips as well as general opinion pieces. It is definitely gathering a loyal following in the country.

This health and fitness tip blog provides a massive resource for issues bordering on health and related matters A visitor can find useful information on issues ranging from how to treat skin infections to having a toned body.

The owner of this health blog, Tolu Francis, hopes to sue this platform to provide the right pieces of health information for those who need to know and also how to apply the information received, correctly. The health blog provides helpful tips as regards dieting as well as how to deal with disorders and mental health.

What other health blogs in Nigeria do you think I should have included in this list? List them below

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