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Nigerian gossip blogs generate gist which can be said to be idle talk or rumour bordering on the personal or private lives/affairs of others. In can also be termed dishing or tattling. It is also sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of lies (or dirt) and misinformation, through the energized discussion of scandals.

Historically, most gossip blogs in Nigeria arguably bears their roots from the childbirth chamber. Given was earlier seen as a social, female only event or happening, in which a pregnant woman’s close female relatives and confidants would gather, to aid in the delivery.

As expected at such gatherings, there was chattering and excited talk, as the child delivery progressed and many are of the opinion this is where the term gossip became synonymous with talking about others.
Social scientists believe gossip blogs can play the following roles in society:

1. Reinforce or purnish the absence of morality and objectivity.
2. Unveil passive anger/aggression, while isolating and causing harm to others.
3. Serve as a mechanism for maintaining a sense of community while strengthening shared interests, information and values.
4. Commence a courtship period that aids in the finding of one’s mates on a number of levels including emotional, psychological and otherwise.
5. Provide a person-to-person mechanism for the dissemination and propagation of information.

Gossip and gist blogs sites also grant the following powers to the whole process of engaging in such activity. The four kinds of power that are influenced by gossip include:

1.Coercive: When a gossip spreads negative information about a person, the recipients of such talk may come to the opinion that the gossip could also spread negative news about them, hence the gossip’s coercive influence rises.

2. Reward: when the gossip spreads positive news about a subject, the listeners will reach the conclusion that the gossip will spread good information about them as well, thereby increasing the gossip’s power of reward.

3. Expert: This occurs when the gossip displays detailed and accurate knowledge of the subject’s life and ways. Hence the gossip is seen as an authority in that field.

4. Referent: This occurs when the influence of the gossip increases or decreases, as a result of recipients either accepting or resenting the information being peddled.

There are various views and conceptions about the term gossip. While some school of thought view it as idle chatter that builds communal bonds and values, others, especially of the religious mold, abhor the act and hint of severe punishment that await both the gossip and the listener.

In Nigeria, the form of gossip that has wide appeal is that centering on the lifestyle and matters of celebrities like musicians, actors and actresses, politicians and top business people. This is more telling when one realizes that there seems to be a ready market for such peddled news items and a consistent demand that continues to grow.

The advent of social media, has given fodder to the fire, as insider news, scandals and ‘dirt’ can be disseminated to the devices of millions of people, with just a click of a button.

The following Nigeria gossip blogs have been feeding the market over the years and have honed their information sourcing and disseminating skills.

Here is a list of the most popular gossip blogs in Nigeria for 2016:


1.linda Ikeji
This Nigerian celebrity gossip and entertainment blog is arguably the most searched blog in Nigeria when it comes to gossip and gist. The blog is also noted for the controversial pieces of news which it churns out. It commands a captive and caustic audience. The blog has had to grapple with fierce reactions from people, especially celebrities, that have felt targeted unfairly by the blog’s reportage.

2. ladunliadi.blogspot.com
This is a blog that dwells on entertainment, fashion and gossip. It has garnered a huge following because of the quality of its reportage, as well as the high resolution display of its web pages .It has drawn the ire of celebrities and popular Nigerians.

3. laila’s blog
This top Nigerian gossip blog roves around the celebrity scene with an eye for all the finer details, that might have otherwise escaped the attention of viewers. The blog has a dedicated following that make it one of the most sought celebrity gist and gossip blogs in Nigeria.The blog also runs an active commentary section.

4. olufamous.com
Olufamous never disappoints when it comes to serving its audience with those behind-the- scene happenings in the lives and matters of celebrities and politicians in Nigeria.

5. misspetite Nigeria.
A new entrant in the niche, miss petite Nigeria has amassed a decent following, offering a fresh perspective on celebrity news and tidbits

6. tatafoBlog.com.
This blog is holding its head up, in the murky waters of gossip reporting. It serves the news hot and fresh and it has a reputation for being daring.

7. naijagists.com
As the name suggests, naiaj gist serves the hottest news and backroom talk, that takes the reader into the personal world of celebrities that make the news.

8. thattatafochick.blogspot.com
This blog brings fresh air and a spark to the reporting of celebrity news and its unseen garbage. It runs eye-catching
headlines and also gauges the public’s reaction to its stories.

9. stragist.com
One of the latest Nigerian celebrity gist gossip blogs, this celebrity gossip blog catches the eyes with its well thought out structure, serving a variety of news making the headlines.

10. tatafonaija.com
Tatafo naija is breaking new grounds, in its reportage of celebrity news and gossip. It is one of the best gossip blogs in Nigeria, actively engages its audience with a feedback section.

What other Nigerian gossip blog sites do you think should be on this list? Share

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