Most Popular Blogs in Nigeria

List of Most Popular Nigerian Blogs

Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria
‘Information is power’ goes a popular cliché. And in extending the parameters of that thought, is the fact that those who disseminate information, of whatever kind, wield a lot of influence, over the consumers of such pieces of knowledge. Blogging, as a medium of passing across information, has only recently begun to take a firm hold on the consciousness of the Nigerian state.

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The increasing accessibility of the internet to increasing numbers of Nigerians, especially in the youth demographic ( age range: 18 to 45 years) who form a large percentage of the population, means that information will and is being sought at just a moment’s notice.

As a consequence, not a few Nigerians, have taken it upon themselves, to provide a veritable platform for information dissemination, by way of blogging. To the extent that, a good number of them, have developed business models form the practice of blogging and regularly post handsome revenues from adverts and other sources.

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These top business, music, food, health, gossip, travel, photography, weight loss, christian, educational, natural hair, beauty, technology, news, makeup Nigerian blogs list and famous bloggers make us cry; they make us laugh, they have the power, the pull and the influence to bring to the front burner, topical issues and matters, affecting the society. They entertain, serve as veritable opinion polls and can hold the government accountable to the citizenry, by way of investigative reporting.

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The following compilation of the list of popular blogs in Nigeria have carved a niche in the industry and in the minds of the Nigerian and International audience:

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List of The 10 Most Popular Blogs in Nigeria

This blog is arguably the most searched Nigerian blog sites and leads as one of the biggest entertainment blogs in Nigeria. Run by the trendy Miss Linda Ikeji, serves a pot pourri of entertainment, gossip and general happenings in Nigeria and abroad. The top blogspot is also noted for the controversial pieces of news which it churns out.

Run by Omoyele Sowore, Sahara Reporters has carved a niche in the area of investigative reporting, especially of underhand dealings by top government officials and private citizens of means. This most visited political blog in Nigeria was recently dubbed the ‘Wikileaks of Africa’ by the Daily Beast.

This popular gossip blog was founded in 2006 by Uche Eze. It serves a young reading audience with an admixture of music, trending styles, TV  premieres and a host of others. It commands thousands of daily reviews and enjoys a burgeoning and loyal subscriber network.

This popular news blog derives its name from a combination of some of the letters of the words Young and Nigerian. It bases its theme on the rich cultural diversity that Nigeria offers. An important part of the blog’s offerings includes a daily highlight of job vacancies, as well as running exciting news on music, politics, governance, business and other youth-related issues.

This tech blog straddles the technological scene in Nigeria, like a colossus. It features grounded reviews on innovations, tech products, policy makers and product launches.  It is run by Loy Okezie, a popular blogger and graduate of Business Administration.

This is one of the biggest Nigerian music blogs that specializes in airing the latest information making the rounds in the Nigerian music scene. It has an active commentary section and it has seen its popularity increase due to partnerships formed with relevant musicians and music producers.

This blog was formerly known as, until recently when it assumed a defined niche in writing. It is run by arguably the youngest Nigerian, in the trade, Bamidele Onibalusi. He started blogging in Nigeria at age 16. His blog reveals quality content for aspiring writers and success nuggets.

This blog comes eight on the list of top ten blogs in Nigeria and derives its popularity from the useful tips and tutorials and mentors an increasing number of viewers on starting successful online businesses, technology tips and hacks.

9. has proven to be a haven for enthusiasts of programming and coding, as it provides related insider information, coding trends and techniques. This top Nigerian technology blog  has a large subscriber base, as evidenced by its large daily output of newsletters, numbering in the tens of thousands.

Ladunliadi is one the most popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria that dwells on entertainment, fashion and gossip. It has garnered a huge following because of the quality of its reportage, as well as the high resolution display of its web pages. Talk of fashion, Ladunliadi is one popular fashion blog you don’t want to miss.

Top 10 Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria

Entertainment is a type of activity that can keep the attention and interest of an audience. It can also take the shape of an idea or task. It cuts across a variety of age and class Demographics, while having the important characteristic of being adaptable to the social, political and economic realities of the environment of the target audience.

The different forms of entertainment include Storytelling, music, drama and dance. Ancient civilizations like the Romans and Greeks developed the earliest forms of entertainment that have transmuted to the present forms of entertainment.

Furthermore, an acceleration and agglomeration of these forms of entertainment have birthed an entertainment Industry; which produces records and sells products of entertainment.

The scope and scale of these products vary from a personal, private entertainment that takes the form of pre-recorded programmed, to mixed performances intended for semi- large and large audiences.

In Nigeria, the entertainment industry finds potent expression in Nollywood, comprising local movie producers, directors and practitioners. In recent years, comedy has become a big staple on the entertainment scene in Nigeria.

The following entertainment blogs in Nigeria have leveraged on the powers and reach of the internet, in order to serve a growing local and international audience, with the compelling sight, sound and complexion of the Nigerian society.




This is a top entertainment blog that serves a rich mixture of politics, local and foreign news, music reviews, sex matters, a youth section, as well as everything in between. In addition, it commands high visual quality and enjoys thousands of visits to its pages, on a daily basis.

5. weddinggistnaija
An entrant that deserves its spot here, because it has successfully carved its name in the annals of wedding reporting and blogging in Nigeria. You can visit for the blog for the latest fashion tips for brides and grooms, event and leisure centres, bargains for bridal showers and clothing and a whole lot more.

This is a popular entertainment blog that stands tall in the entertainment reporting scene in Nigeria. If you a junkie for celebrity weddings, birthday parties as well the latest celebrity fashion trends, then this is blog that suits your craving. It also offers political pieces as well as lifestyle reporting.

While the name might mislead one into thinking that what this blog dwells on is life in and around the city of Yaba, Lagos; this blog sizzles in the entertainment scene in Nigeria. This is as a result of its well-structured outlook, a rich diversity in information ranging from celebrity news and gossip to politics to everyday life and living in Nigeria.

This is a top news and gist blog that is riding on the crest of a wave, at the moment. With its easy-to-read ambiance, striking news headlines as well ample celebrity scrutiny, it is a small wonder that the blog pops up frequently on the searched pages section of Facebook and Google ads.

A Naija top news blog that has consistently delivered on its promise to keep its readers abreast of the happenings in the Nigeria social and political scenes. It also throws into the mix, entertainment and lifestyle news coverage.


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