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How much is mount and balance? The tires of a vehicle need to be balanced at all times to ensure a safe and attentive driving. You may the service of a professional to get this done, because improper alignment is likely to cause a serious damage to the wheel bearings, assembly and shocks. Additionally, the four tires of the vehicle will keep your vehicle balanced and ensure a smooth ride on the road.

Do you need to balance your tires? The ultimate objective or tire balancing is to ensure that when the wheel is fixed on the axle, the weight it exerts should be distributed evenly on the axle. A driver will get to know that the tires are unbalanced when there seems to be uneven vibrations while the car is being driven. 

Your safety on the road is very important and so you should take note of the tire balancing cost and ensure that this is done as often as possible.


When you decide to balance the tires of your vehicle, a strict tire balancing process will have to be followed to get a perfect job done. They process of balancing a tire will incorporate the following activities:

  1. The removal of the tire and the wheels>
  2. The wheels will then be mounted on a sophisticated balancing machine>
  3. The wheels will then be spinned to ensure that their weight are balanced on the axle>
  4. Any form of tire imbalance will be detected and located>
  5. A lead weight will then be attached to the opposite side of the tires. This is done to compensate for any form of difference in weight>
  6. The tire and wheels will then be remounted on the vehicle.>


How often do you need to balance your tires? The daily use of the car tires will cause them to wear and also cause changes in the weight distribution around the tire assembly. Balancing of the tires and wheels will reduce the vibration that is felt in the steering wheel, floorboard or seat. It will also aid in a proper tread wear. Having the tires of a vehicle balanced will provide

  1. A reduced tire wear>
  2. A mother ride>
  3. Enhanced drive train components>


If you have purchased a new tire from a certified dealership, the tire should hold its balance and gradually stay out of balance. It is recommended that tire balancing should be done at every 3000 to 6,000 mile. However if you make the following observations in your vehicle, then it is time to get a tire balancing for the vehicle:

  • Vibration of the seat and floorboard when the vehicle is on high speed>
  • When the steering wheel is vibration when the vehicle is on highway speed>
  • When you notice scalloped patterns on the tires of the vehicle.>

It is also advisable to get the tires of your car balanced anytime you replace any of the tires. In as much as you can get the tire balancing done at the comfort of your home, you will need to be in possession of the right machinery and tools to carry out this service on your own. However the tire balancing cost is not as much as many people perceive it to be, so it is recommended you offer the service to a professional to get the perfect job done. So how much does it cost to get your tires balanced at Walmart?


Tire balancing cost will be between the ranges of $6 to $20 per wheel. This will sum up to $24 to $80 for the four wheels. Although the average cost of tire balancing can be between $10 to $12 a wheel and that will depend on the local labour rates, model and the make of your vehicle.

You should expect to pay more for this service at a car dealership than at a tire store. 

If you need to do a complete wheel balancing, which will include mounting of the tire and tire rotation, you may need to pay about $15 per wheel and this will also depend on the location as well as shop where the service is being done.


If you need to ensure that the wheels are running at parallel to each other, you may need to carry out a wheel alignment. Wheel alignment services can be charged at $20 to about $100 at a mechanic shop or even as much as $300 at a dealership. Note that this cost will also depend on the model and make of the vehicle.


If you are purchasing a new set of tires from a tire shop, you may get a free service of tire balancing for your vehicle when there is the need for that. You are also likely to get lifetime balancing, rotations and flat repairs from some tire sellers.


You can get the service of a tire balancing at most car dealerships a well as car tire centers such a Firestone, Big O tires, Goodyear. Car repair shops such as Pep Boys, Meineke as well as automotive units at retailers a Sears and Costco.

You can also check out the directory of the National Institute of Vehicle Services. They have the list of certified shops where you can get the service of a tire balancing

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