7 Things To Do Before 7am – Exciting Things To Do Early in The Morning

7 Activities Everyone Should Do Before 7am

Do you agree with me that sometimes what you do in the morning affect your performance throughout the day? Your morning routine can make you feel optimistic about the day and make you feel ready to tackle challenging tasks.

According to Inc. Magazine, people that keep certain kind of routine every morning have been found to be more productive and proactive. Successful people don’t achieve their goals accidentally. They work hard to make the most of their day.

Most successful people you know wake up as early as 4am. Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo wakes at 4 am, Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square wakes up at 5:30 am. My question is, “when do you wake up?”

I have outlined 7 things that the most successful people do before 7 am and why you have to start doing them. Even though they might not do all every morning, each has been found to be an effective way to start the day.

1. Pray

First thing you should do when before 7 am is to first say a word of prayer to your God showing gratitude for making you to see another day. You have to be grateful for seeing another of reaching your goals.

So many people plan to see these day but could not because of one illness or the other but you being alive, in good health, complete body without any oxygen in your nose is a reason to say a word of prayer to God.

It was told according to research that most successful people spend as much as 20 minutes daily showing gratitude to God, asking for guidance, and being open to inspiration. I won’t tell you to say a word of prayer tomorrow morning when you wake up, because I know you will try. Good luck!

2. Exercise

The top most successful people morning activity seems to be exercise, either they are lighting weight, jogging or taking a long walk. You should exercise every morning before 7 am, whether it is morning yoga or push-ups before 7 am, it boost your energy for the day.

Try waking up as early as 5 am so you can first pray and then move out for exercise. If you are obese or just want to keep fit or lose some weight, this is one of the things you must do early in the
morning. Following diet wouldn’t work alone, and your fitness coach should have told you that.

3. Drink Water

You must have been told that drinking water every morning when you wake up helps you rehydrates your body and make you feel more alert. Remember, you must have exercise (i.e. if you obeyed me), and must have sweat out some liquid. So, you need to drink enough water and not coffee to kick-start your metabolism.

Drinking water every morning before 7 am is a good health habit you have to practice.

4. Eat Breakfast

Some people make the mistake of going straight to work after they are dressed up without eating. The reasons are, they claim that eating makes them heavy and lazy for the morning, and some do say they are either not hungry or don’t feel like eating.

Aside from fasting, you should take your breakfast before 7 am, which is the best period where your system can be able to take in substance and digest it quickly.

No matter how late you are for work, take some time to eat something good for the spirit. Eating breakfast after 7 am makes your body heavy and don’t give you enough time to rest because you don’t want to be late for work.

5. Map Out Your Day

This is one most important thing to do before 7 am. Spare out some time early in the morning mapping out your day. Schedule your activities for the day, your goals, time for networking etc.

Before 7 a.m. is the best time in the morning because it foster easier reflection and one of the only quiet time of the day.

6. Visualization

Take a moment before 7 am which is not mostly more than 5 minutes to visualize your day.

Visualization involves travelling into your future of the day.it makes you imagine how you day will go, mostly if you have already map out your day. Visualizing your day makes you see what you should do and when it should be done.

This is mostly done immediately after your morning prayer as you take your time to visualize your day ahead of you. It helps your brain if you are thinking of asking why.

7. Review Your Goals

This is also one thing you need to do before 7am. Reviewing your goals help you in knowing your progress toward hitting the goals. This is one practice of successful people every morning before they step out to office.

I just hope that you start practicing these 7 things to do before 7 am so that you join the list of successful people who do. Success!

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