Things Successful Leaders Do Daily

5 Daily Habits of a Purpose Driven Leader

What are the effective things successful leaders do everyday that makes them special is almost everyone question when given a leadership position. Because everyone who has been appointed to lead a department or a unit want to be a good leader, they seek to look for the important things successful leaders does so they can do likewise.

To become a successful leader in this 21st century, there are rituals which later become habits that effective leaders do every day to affect a positive outcome in their life and business venture.

It is so discouraging that 97% of all entrepreneurs do not apply these things in their daily life. The good news is that you won’t be among them because now you’re about to know those important things effective leaders do every day and will start applying them from tomorrow to be among the TOP 3%.

1. Daily Visualization and Meditation

Effective leaders do have crystal clear daily goals and a plan on how to carry it through. They keep to it every day. Be sure to take at least 10 minutes each day for visualization of your goals. Don’t just think about where you might like to be in a year or so, be specific.

Write out a direct statement and read it aloud each morning when you rise and each night before you go to bed. This statement should include your goals, a plan to achieve your goals, the reason why you want to realize your goals and a specific date by which you will achieve them.

A good idea to help with the visualization is to write down your goals on paper or a whiteboard or even cut out pictures of your goals and create a vision board.

Make sure you view these goals then close your eyes and meditate, visualize, see yourself already possessing them and feeling the emotions of having them.

2. Personal Development

Effective leaders don’t play with personal development. They make it a daily habit of reading every day, either early in the morning or late at night before they sleep. This is one important thing that makes them stand out.

A 3% leader realizes the precious jewel that’s in personal development and embraces it as if it were a prodigal son. Take time each day for personal reflection, goal setting and physical activity. Be sure to take at least 15 – 30 minutes per day to read some personal development books you can find.

Be ever persistent to apply yourself to growing, learning and sharing. Make it one of your important daily activities to read something that can build your knowledge base, self-esteem and marketing strategies.

3. Income Producing Activities

Effective leaders do some important things early in the morning, and one of them is always engaging themselves in income producing activities. They check how their business is going, make important phone calls to prospect to schedule the day for meet up, reply important mails that involves money.
The first things you should do at the beginning of the day are the things that actually make you money. You won’t stay in business for long if you don’t make money. Try not to waste your time surfing the web until you first handle the activities that butter your bread.

4. Mastermind with other Leaders

Another important things effective leaders do every day is to always hang out with other effective leaders. They circle themselves with top minds like them so they can grow and be motivated.

They also network with people who have done or achieved what they are pursuing. Effective leaders have mastermind group that meet together in a certain place to rub minds together.

Surround yourself with successful people. It is a proven fact that our income is directly related to the average income of our 10 closest friends. Link up with someone who has already achieved the level you’re striving for. It just makes sense…doesn’t it?

5. Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership

Effective leaders know who they are and they don’t take it for granted. On a daily basis, they remind themselves that they need to cultivate that spirit of leadership in them. They know their role in the society and know what is expected of them.

To become a leader is a matter of deciding to be one and a good one for that matter, once that is done, the road is straightforward, you just follow the road. Discipline leads to wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a way to live. So take action, get started to improve your life.

In conclusion, the important things effective leaders do every day are one of those things that make them effective in life and business.

These 5 daily disciplines are crucial to build your leadership skills! Follow them religiously and you will most definitely become one of the elite members of the 3% club.

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