Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

There are things that mentally strong people do and what they don’t or avoid. They are also people who have strength in terms of tenacity, optimism, perseverance, and unfailing ability. Mentally strong people know how to manage their efforts, emotion, thoughts, characters and behaviors for success.

Another way to identify the mentally strong people around you is by what they do and what they don’t do. For anyone that wants to be mentally strong, you need to know what mentally strong people don’t do so you can follow suit.

In this post, I will be discussing the 13 things mentally strong people don’t do, mentally strong people do not:

(1) Give their Control Away

Mentally strong people do not give away their power and control, they do not allow others to make them feel bad or inferior, they control their emotions and speak their mind. They have strength in regards to their speech, action and emotion because they understand that being weak in these areas will make others preside over them and make them feel inferior.

(2) Fear taking Risks

They do not fear taking risks though they don’t take risks unnecessarily or foolishly, they weigh the pros and cons, the benefits against the loss. All in all, they are not afraid of taking risks but they don’t take foolish risks. A mentally strong person is able to measure the potentials of a risk and decide whether the risk is worth taking or not.

(3) Dwell on the Past

Mentally strong people don’t dwell on their past because they believe dwelling on the past is wastage of time so they don’t dwell on it, they rather learn from their past especially their past mistakes, live in the present and plan their future gloriously.

Mentally strong people don’t relieve their past mistakes, dream about glory days (they rather plan for
it), dwelling on your past will waste your energy, it is better you use that energy in planning your future and living your present life.

(4) Expect Instant Results

They don’t expect results immediately, and they are patient enough to wait for the outcome of whatever they do because they are rest assured based on the skills and energy they exerted into making whatever it is a reality. They understand that success and changes requires time and they are in for it.

(5) Feel Sorry Unnecessarily

Mentally strong people do not feel sorry unnecessarily especially for themselves, they only feel remorseful when they hurt another person or did something that is bad. They don’t feel sorry for how they have been treated or the circumstance they find themselves in, they understand that life is not fair and it has its ups and downs. A person who is always feeling sorry for him or herself is just wasting his or her time and energy.

(6) People Pleasers

Mentally strong people neither please people nor do displease people, they don’t waste their time doing that. They treat people fairly and kindly but do not go out of their way to treat someone specially or treat someone badly, they are not afraid to speak up when the situation arises whether it displeases some people or not.

(7) Repeat Mistakes

Mentally strong people do not keep repeating mistakes because they take responsibility for past mistakes and also learn from it. Ability to reflect accurately and effectively is a great step towards being successful in life.

(8) Envy Other People’s Success

Mentally strong people do not resent other people’s success, they do not become jealous or hate someone because the person is successful. They have the ability and strength to be genuinely happy and joyful over other people’s success because they are ready and willing to work for their own success also.

(9) Fear Spending Time Alone

Mentally strong people don’t fear spending time alone, they even enjoy and cherish being alone because they use such time to reflect, and plan on how they can be productive. Their moods don’t depend on who they spend their time with, they are happy whether alone or with others.

(10) Give Up

Mentally strong people don’t give up after failing, they continue trying using other methods and strategies. They see every failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, they are even willing to fail as long as it will teach them things that will bring them closer to their aims and goals.

(11) Feel owned by the World

Mentally strong people are ready to work their way to the top and succeed on their own efforts because they don’t feel owned by the world, that the world does not owe them benefits, comfortable life and so on.

(12) Waste Time on Uncontrollable Things

Mentally people do not waste their time and energy on things they cannot control, they rather focus on things they can control; one of which is their attitude, emotion and behavior.

(13) Avoid Change

Mentally strong people don’t avoid change, what they avoid is negative change. They are flexible to positive changes and understand that change is inevitable, all you need is the ability to adapt and also the ability to differentiate positive change from negative change.

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