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Ranking the best tech-based Nigerian Blogs
Technology and its effects, has almost become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Ever since the invention of the wheel, thousands of years ago, mankind has continually manipulated and adapted the laws of Nature and Science, in order to solve pressing needs/problems in society and also as a way to entrench civilization class hierarchy.

Consider when the Russians first landed the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in space, in 1961.This particular feat prompted the then President of the United States, late John.F. Kennedy to declare that the U.S.A would be the first nation on earth to land a man on the moon; this was accomplished when astronaut Neil Armstrong took the firrst steps on the moon, in the 1960s.

This achievement spurred the birth of the Space age, in which satellites in orbit, have helped man in determining weather and climate patterns over time, resulting in improved agricultural practices, as well as proper planning for and mitigation of natural disasters.

In the information/communication age we are in, at the moment, cutting edge technology has bequeathed test-tube babies, improved species of animal and plant food, nano-scale engineering devices, harnessing of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, amongst a plethora of pioneering advancements.

The following technology blogs in Nigeria have taken hold of the baton, in the area of keeping audiences abreast of the innovations and happenings that occur in the ever-changing world of technology:


1. TechCabal
This is a tech blogger that has remained true to the founding ideal of providing relevant information on the happenings in the tech world. It features reviews on new generation gadgets, product launches, product reviews and comparison, as well as other tidbits.

2. Naijatechguide
One of the best tech blogs in Nigeria that offer a diverse mix featuring product and gadget reviews, buying tips, specification analysis, price comparisons for phones, tablets and other devices. It has also done very well in the affiliate marketing niche, surpassing the 1million naira mark in network marketing sales.

3. TechRez
This can be called the friend of the tech geek, as it offers a rich diversity in gadget review, coding and programming analysis, gaming consoles, and the how-to of starting an online tech company.

4. OgbongeBlog
Ogbonge blog prides itself as the number one tech blog in Nigeria, because it offers technology-related How- to. It teachers visitors how to earn income from blogging, as well as offer insightful analysis on topics ranging from digital marketing to maintaining a well thought social media presence.

5. Geekng
Geekng harnesses the prowess of several authorities in the tech scene in Nigeria. Hence, the top Nigerian tech blog is set out in well structured and visually stimulating ambiance. It provides insight analysis on technological happenings, mobile telecommunications, gadgets, computers and the internet, product reviews and specifications. It is fast becoming an authority in this sphere of endeavour.

6. Techloy
This is a top tech blog that is fast gaining ground because of its fearless and unbiased analysis of tech events and gadgets. If there is a breaking news in the Technology world, trust techloy to give you the knitty-gritty of an insider’s considered opinion.

7. ahmsta
With an international award under itsbelt, amhsta blazes the trail in the reporting of happenings in the world of technology, around the world. Its global outlook offers premium reporting on gadgets, product reviews, insightful analysis, in easy to access headinds and tabs.

8. GadgetsNg
As its name implies, this top information technology blog in Nigeria brings readers the latest reviews on product releases, specifications and price comparisons.It affords the reader, the power to make informed choices about what devices to get, for what purposes and how to ghet the very best of any purchase.

9. mobilityarena
A blog that offers the audience, an authentic and unbiased insight into the news making the rounds in the mobile telecommunication market.It offers price and product reviews and comparisons, futuristic forecasts , as well as an interactive forum for members and contributors alike.

10. techcity
This is an information technology blog that prides itself as the premier gotspot, for the latest offerings on news making the headlines, gadget and product reviews, insightful and futuristic analysis of trends, serving this ion a language and form that is devoid of all the technical garbage that is usually associated with technology and its related matters.

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