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How Much Does a Car Detailing Service Cost?

CAR DETAILING PRICES – CHARGE FOR AUTO DETAILING Do you know how much it cost for detailing a car? Mobile Car detailing is getting quite more popular than before. Just as the name implies, it is a detailed work being performed on your car, most times, while you are away. It involves the thorough cleaning […]

Tire Balancing Cost – Wheel Balance Service Charge Per Tire

AVERAGE COST OF WHEEL BALANCING FOR 4 TIRES – DISCOUNT AND COUPON How much is mount and balance? The tires of a vehicle need to be balanced at all times to ensure a safe and attentive driving. You may the service of a professional to get this done, because improper alignment is likely to cause […]

How Much is a Bugatti? Base Model, Chiron, Veyron Super Sports 2018

How Much Does a Bugatti Cost? How much does it cost to buy a Bugatti Chiron? When you talk of beauty, class and elegance, the Bugatti brand stands tall and takes a place of prominence. Among other luxury cars, the Bugatti is most sought after and takes the title of the most expensive car on […]

How Much Does a Cruise Ship Cost?

HOW MUCH DOES A CRUISE SHIP COST TO BUILD How much do cruises cost per person? Cruise ships are large ocean driven vessel and may sometimes be as tall as a skyscraper building. Most cruise ships are always scheduled to cruise only in a favourable weather condition, although they are designed to be able to […]

How Much Does a Camaro Cost?

HOW MUCH DOES A CAMARO COST TO RENT PER MONTH? – PRICING How much is a 2018 Camaro? What is the average price for the lease? Chevrolet Camaro is a muscle car manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers in America. The first Camaro went on sale in the year 1966 and it was specifically […]

How Much is a Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost?

HOW MUCH DOES A CATALYTIC CONVERTER COST? What does it cost to replace a catalytic converter? With a close resemblance with a muffler and sometimes called the “cat”, a catalytic converter is an accessory in a car’s exhaust system. It utilises chemical reactions for the conversion of toxic elements that are sediment in the engine exhaust into substances that […]

How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car – Towing Cost Estimator

CAR TOWING PRICES AND SERVICE NEAR ME – PER MILE How much does it cost to have a car towed 10 miles? Every year, millions of vehicles require the towing service across the United States. Almost every car owner has used the service at one point in their life time. Cost of towing a car […]

Prices of KIA Cars for Sale in Nigeriaa

KIA Motors Nigeria Price List 2018 Kia Motors is among the most popular auto mobile manufacturers in the world today. They have a big share in the market of the most populous black nation on earth; and it is not uncommon to see people drive Kia cars in Nigeria. In fact, if you do a […]

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