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Social Media Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Best Social Media Marketing Ideas that Double Sales Apart from serving as a platform to bring friends and family closer as well as meeting new people, the social media has become an efficient tool for small and large businesses to market their products and services. This effective platform for attracting patronage is being used the […]

How Social Factors Affect Business – Socio Cultural Environment and Its Impact

WHAT ARE THE SOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT AND SALES? What is the impact of socio-cultural environment on business? Our society keeps changing day in day out. Consciously or unconsciously, so many factors affect your business both positively and negatively. Being aware of this doesn’t stop such factors from happening. Social factor are those factors […]

Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Kill Business Fast!

Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Are you a business owner and you are using Instagram as a tool in marketing your business products and services? How has been your return on investment and do you wish to continue? It is one thing to realise the potentialities of marketing a business on […]

Writing a Press Release For Business

7 Practical Steps to Writing a Press Release For Your New Company or Existing Business Press Release Templates for Small Businesses If you’re looking for free publicity for your business the easiest way, writing a press release is the best call. It’s also known as news release. Whether you just launch a business, written a […]

Social Media Secrets for Your Network Business

Social Networking Secrets for Every Serious Business Owner Are you among the most annoying people on planet earth? Anyway, it depends! If you do what 60 percent of network marketers do on social media then you are one of them. Now, what are these annoying people doing? As an online business consultant, I have seen […]

Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Business Engagements

Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Your Engagements Do you need practical ways of boosting social media engagement? Every business is set-up primarily to make a profit after offering goods or a service to a customer, while minimizing the cost of obtaining and bringing such a good/service to the customer. However, the business owner, in deferring […]

Social Media Marketing Copyright Rules and Infrigement for Businesses

Copyright Rules for Social Media Marketing Do you understand how copyright law affects social media? Businesses of the 21st Century have embraced modern and innovative means of marketing/advertising their goods and services, in addition to engaging with existing and potential customers. One of the most effective means of achieving this objective is leveraging on the […]

How to Secure Your Business Social Media Account

Reliable Ways to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Safe From Hackers How do businesses stay safe and secure using social media? Are you in dire need of ways to secure your business social media accounts? Interested in the ways to prevent your business social media security breaches? There are various tools you can trust to […]

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