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Benefits of Market Research to Small Business Goals

Describe the Benefits of Marketing Research to an Enterprise and Customers What is the main purpose of market research to an organization, customers or product development? Market research is a very important tool that determines the failure or success of your business. Every successful business recognizes the saying “knowledge is power” and market research gives […]

Real Estate Slogans – 15 Famous Examples For Marketing

Top 15 Catchy Real Estate Slogans Examples and Mottos Catchy real estate slogans have lots of benefits. They will simply teach your customer what to think about you and your real estate business. On only do they teach your customers and clients what they think about your business, they also help in terms of giving […]

Things I Learnt Trying to Sell Products and Services

Lessons I Learnt While Selling Products and Services In the course of any sojourn, it is particularly characteristic to any venture that lessons are learnt as successes or failures are recorded. After charting a distance in the axis of time in the cyber world, conducted marketing experiments and researches, a few lessons have been costly […]

Business Acumen: 7 Business Acumen Skills And Tests To Improve Sales

HOW TO DEVELOP BUSINESS ACUMEN SKILLS FOR MORE RETURNS Business acumen definition: What is business acumen in a sentence? Business acumen is simply the keenness and speed in understanding and adjusting with a business condition in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome. Things are actually changing. Even the business acumen skills […]

How to Define Your Target Market

7 Steps to Defining Your Target Market Are you having problem defining and locating your target market? Some business says, ‘they target anyone interested in their products and services’, others target on small businesses, stay at home mums, etc. Locating your target market is the key to succeed in business. Have it in mind that […]

Small Business Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes Are you a small business owner and you want to learn the right marketing strategies you should be using for your small business? Most small business owners make some marketing mistakes they are not aware of most times. Whether you like it or not, applying the wrong marketing strategy into […]

Human Brain Secrets That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Top Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Improve Your Marketing Skills Knowing how the brain works will help you become a better marketer because you will understand how the brain and mind processes information so you will be able to encode your message in a way that will favour you when the brain processes […]

Best Ways To Promote Your Small Business Online

Business Online Marketing Tools And Ideas How do you advertise your business? Some people may suggest that you should go about telling your friends, this may work but it is not very effective online. The best ways to market online businesses requires vast knowledge and are time consuming. In the absence of effective marketing and […]

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