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Human Brain Secrets That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Top Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Improve Your Marketing Skills Knowing how the brain works will help you become a better marketer because you will understand how the brain and mind processes information so you will be able to encode your message in a way that will favour you when the brain processes […]

Small Business Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes Are you a small business owner and you want to learn the right marketing strategies you should be using for your small business? Most small business owners make some marketing mistakes they are not aware of most times. Whether you like it or not, applying the wrong marketing strategy into […]

How To Promote Your Product Online

Best Ways To Promote Your Product Online Effectively Are you looking for ways to promote your products online? Do you want to drive a ton of traffic to your sales page of your product? If you don’t attract a constant stream of visitors to your sales page you won’t generate many sales. I will be […]

Best Ways To Promote Your Small Business Online

Business Online Marketing Tools And Ideas How do you advertise your business? Some people may suggest that you should go about telling your friends, this may work but it is not very effective online. The best ways to market online businesses requires vast knowledge and are time consuming. In the absence of effective marketing and […]

Holiday Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Holiday Marketing Guide To Increase Small Business Sales This is a guide for small businesses to prepare them for business during the holiday when consumers spend more than 50% of their income and also to prep their business most especially the marketing and sales to meet the demands of consumers during the rush hour of […]

Ambush Marketing: Definition, Meaning, Strategies And Examples

Ambush Marketing Strategies and Examples Ambush marketing has started becoming an even more popular marketing technique in the business world. It is one marketing technique where a particular brand utilizes cunning ways to create awareness about its products, without actually paying for the right to become a sponsor. Today, many start-up brands, because they do […]

Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Kill Business Fast!

Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Are you a business owner and you are using Instagram as a tool in marketing your business products and services? How has been your return on investment and do you wish to continue? It is one thing to realise the potentialities of marketing a business on […]

Effective Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies

5 Most Effective Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies Marketing is all about getting your product and brand known, trusted and recognized. Identifying you target clientele helps to make your marketing more effective by personalizing your approach to marketing and making your product more enticing to that market. SEE: THE CONCEPT OF MARKETING ORIENTATION Here we take […]

Factors that Influence Product Pricing Strategy

Internal and External Factors Influencing Business Pricing Decisions Product pricing strategy is basically how you make decisions on best prices for your goods and products and it is a good and strong competitive advantage to a business that has good product pricing strategy. A business with good product pricing strategy will dominate the market. Whether […]

Strategies to Grow Your Business and Increase Sales

Helping Businesses Grow: Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business And Increase Business Sales Do you want to know how to grow a business? Every business wants to increase sales and profits, because more sales means your business can grow and expand. Whether business is slower than what you would like or you simply want to […]

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