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How to Write a Letter to a Board of Directors

How to Write a Formal Letter to a Board of Directors How Do I Address a Letter to a Board of Directors? This is usually a formal setting. Hence, if you need to convey a message, knowing how to write a letter to a board of directors is important. This knowledge can make a difference between […]

Employee Selection Process – Criteria and Method

Employee Selection Process – Method and Purpose What are the steps in selection process in human resource management? Why is it important? Before a company would hire an employee for a job position, an employee selection process is usually first carried out. The employee selection process entails conducting interviews and assessing applicants for a particular […]

Internal Appraisal – the Internal Environment

Process of Internal Appraisal in Strategic Management What are the tools and techniques for conducting an internal appraisal? Internal environment appraisal is the process whereby a business organization monitors its internal business environment so as to identify its strengths and weaknesses which would have an effect on its ability to achieve its business goals. Internal Appraisal […]

Cost of Hiring a Business Consultant and Fees

AVERAGE SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING FEES How much do business management consultant charge per hour? Before any business could spring up and establish itself for real success in our ever-growing business world today, it must first require some sort of business plan. A business plan is more or less like a blue-print which is responsible for […]

How to Present New Ideas to Your Boss or Management

How to Pitch a New Idea to Your Boss or Company Do you know how to convince your boss about your idea? Do you have a profitable business idea that you know you won’t be able to take action on, and will be a very good fit for your boss or management but you are […]

Best Employee Reward Ideas for Recognition

Effective Ways to Reward Employees and Boost Productivity What is employee reward system? Why is it important to reward and recognize employees? Employees are the backbone of any business enterprise the world over. Without employees, nothing gets done. They constitute the heart of any productive venture and are found in both service based industries as […]

Vital Qualities to Look for in New Employees for Startup Hire

Hiring for a Startup: Top Qualities to Look for in New Employees Engaging staff for a business start-up is a no mean task. Why is this case? According to scholarly research findings, almost 75 percent of new businesses fail, soon after setting up. Most observers link this alarming rate of business start up failure to […]

Franchise Disputes and Complaints – Causes, Types, Resolution

RESOLVING FRANCHISE DISPUTES – COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT Franchise disputes happen in most cases due to the reluctance of franchisees to seek legal advice, especially the services of franchise consultants and lawyers. This amounts to going into a business deal with reckless abandon. Disputes between the franchisor and franchisee may be a frequent feature, but whatever the […]

How to Use Social Media to Find Employees

How to Use Social Media to Recruit and Hire Valuable Employees How do you use social media to recruit great employees? Is your company recruiting, and you are wondering, how do I find the best employees or candidates? Are you tired of getting an onslaught of unqualified candidates when recruiting? Do you know you can […]

Preparing Your Business for the Holidays in Advance

Best Ways to Prep Your Business for the Holiday Season Are you thinking of standing out in this coming holiday? Do you wish to make more money and huge profit using the simplest strategy? Have you been deliberating on how to go about it? Here are cool tips you can start with to awaken the […]

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