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Best Employee Reward Ideas for Recognition

Effective Ways to Reward Employees and Boost Productivity What is employee reward system? Why is it important to reward and recognize employees? Employees are the backbone of any business enterprise the world over. Without employees, nothing gets done. They constitute the heart of any productive venture and are found in both service based industries as well as industries that manufacture tangible products. […]

Employee Recognition – How to Retain Employees that Matter

Employee recognition is a way employers show appreciation to their employees to let them know how much their hard work towards the success of the business is valued. It is very important that as an employer, you acknowledge your employees as regards their efforts towards the success of your business. Employee Recognition – How to […]

Employee of the Month Ideas, Criteria and Strategies

Employee of the Month Ideas What does it mean to be an employee of the month? Employees are the life wire of any company or organization. In any business organization, employees are the ones that work directly with customers and it is their ability to satisfy customers that will determine the growth and success of […]

Employee Appreciation Ideas, Gifts, Event and Strategies

Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for Small and Large Companies Most companies today do not really show their employees that they value them enough for their hard work and dedication to the company. Employee appreciation or recognition basically entails recognizing and acknowledging your employees for their hard work and achievement towards the success of your company. READ: […]

Employee Selection Process – Criteria and Method

Employee Selection Process – Method and Purpose What are the steps in selection process in human resource management? Why is it important? Before a company would hire an employee for a job position, an employee selection process is usually first carried out. READ: EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION IDEAS The employee selection process entails conducting interviews and assessing applicants for a […]

How to Effectively Manage Remote Employees

Managing Remote Employees Best Practices Do you know how to effectively hire and manage remote employees in your workplace? If you ask most business managers this question, you will hear different answers based on their experience, inference and instinct. MORE: EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCESS To effectively manage the productivity in an organization, managing employee performance is […]

Starting a Staffing Agency – Sample Business Plan Template

Interested in small staffing business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a staffing service business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up? How to Start an Employment Agency Business Thousands of job seekers stream aimlessly to different offices and business settings just to find a place […]

Sample Corporate Wellness Program Business Plan Template

If you are looking for a sample corporate wellness business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a corporate wellness center and free feasibility study example you can use. CORPORATE WELLNESS COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE The resulting effect of wellness on the performance of employees in the workplace has been very encouraging in […]

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