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Top 10 Internet Service Providers in Nigeria

Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria Which are the fastest ISPs in Nigeria? The major gateway or entryway through which individuals, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations gain access into the internet (the largest computer network in the world) is through an internet service provider. Internet service providers perform the role of providing internet access […]

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC Nigeria) Registration, Search, Forms and Fees

Corporate Affairs Commission – Company and Business Registration in Nigeria – Name Search The Corporate Affairs commission in Nigeria (CAC) is an independent body that is responsible for regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. CAC Nigeria was established in 1990 by the Companies and Allied Act. Before the establishment of CAC Nigeria, […]

List of Banks in Nigeria – Contact Address and Website

List of All Commercial Banks in Nigeria and Their Websites and Head Office Contact How many banks do we have in Nigeria and how do I get their sort codes? The African Banking Corporation was established as Nigeria’s first bank in 1892. Nigeria had no banking legislation except for three consolidated foreign Banks which were […]

Construction Companies in Nigeria – Top List

TOP 10 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES IN NIGERIA Top construction companies in Nigeria are perceived by observers, as having the potential to drive the growth and development of the economy, create employment opportunities, as well as shore up Nigeria’s revenue earnings, aside petroleum. The reason for this optimism, ironically, is predicated on the abysmal and heart-wrenching numbers […]

Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria – Top List

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria List For 2017 – Ranking: Vacancies For Recruiting, Address and Location, Contact Details, Products Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are ventures that have shown lot of success in the country and at large. The rate at which disease has been on the increase. And fortunately enough these pharmaceutical companies have been […]

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